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Topic: Possible to 'condense time' in Sibelius?

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    Question Possible to 'condense time' in Sibelius?

    Say you're scoring a piece in 4/4, but it turns out that you strectched it too much time-wise and that the clarity of the score would improve if you halved the tempo and cut all note values in half (turning all 8th notes into 16th notes, all half notes into quarter notes, etc.), essentially putting more notes in one bar.

    Is there a way to automate this in Sibelius?

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    Re: Possible to 'condense time' in Sibelius?


    Select the section you want to halve in value

    Enter plugin tab
    Select notes and rests
    There is a half note values section there

    If the music comes up in 8/8 just change the time sig to 4/4 it automatically recalculates the bars.


    This is in sib 5 cant remember if its in earlier editions.

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    Re: Possible to 'condense time' in Sibelius?

    That's it! I'm on Sibelius 3 and it's there. Thanks, Matt!

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