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Topic: Tweaking service?

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    Tweaking service?

    Ok I\'ve mentioned it to a few people and have been toying with it in my head, and wasn\'t going ot post something on it, until I talked to developers, but then I thought I should ask potential customers first.

    I\'ve been reading/posting here over the past few years, and most regular have come to know that I am a freak for tweaking samples.

    Combining and EQing and reprogramming, etc.

    Would you guys pay for a service to have your samples tweaked?

    Consider I make a custom patch using EQ/reverb/plugs etc. At the sample level and the giga programming level. I post demos of the tweaks in use with MIDI files etc. blah blah

    Then you can send me your original CD\'s and I can tweak the raw samples and send them back.

    Say 10-20 bucks a tweak or so. With possibly some multiple \"batches\"

    It can go further. I could make \"combination patches\" from multiple libraries/makes. It would require the customer to have all the original CDs and such, but could prove to be an awesome option.

    Would this be a service people would be interested in, and even pay for?

    Would Develoeprs even let me do this?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Tweaking service?

    I think it sounds like a great idea And i can imagine that GS users who dont have a bunch of integrated DX/VST effects would be interested in that kind of service.

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    Re: Tweaking service?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KingIdiot:

    Then you can send me your original CD\'s and I can tweak the raw samples and send them back.


    I don\'t think you\'ll have any difficulty finding people to pay $20 for such a service.

    But the above quote is interesting. If you already have the orginal samples (that you\'ve tweaked and prepared midi files for), why bother going to all the trouble of getting the customer to \'send\' the \'raw samples\'?

    I doubt you\'ll have trouble finding a market, but I suspect that the developers might get a bit miffed. Sending the \'original\' CD\'s back and forth seems like a long-winded way to make it look as if you\'re not \'creating a new library\'.

    Perhaps you\'d have to do some kind of royalty deal with developers, but then you get into a whole complex maze of issues when all you want to do is find a market for your skills?

    It sounds to me like the way you might have to do it is to let the developer sell your tweaks as \'upgrades\' or \'add-ons\'.

    Maybe you could build a little site where you could do various \'sets\' (as you say), but make it a \'sanctioned\' Giga-sample update site? Most Giga developers know of you and respect you, and you might be the only person who could pull this off. It would certainly add to the value OF ALL LIBRARIES, if we could make those libraries truly \'dynamic\'.

    Perhaps TASCAM would be the first stop for this. This is an excellent idea and I\'m sure you would provide a great service (and developers worried about copyright should also consider that maybe some people would buy an \'original\' library just so they could get King\'s add-ons). This could be a win-win-win situation for customers, developers, and you.

    I hope this works out. Best of luck. I am looking forward not only to hearing your tweaks, but maybe buying a few (I can already think of a few things I\'d like to do with some libraries and my Ztar, but my lack of brain-power, skills and free time means it may be the next century before I get what I want).

    I hope you are \'permitted\' to pursue this line of thought and business. It can only enrich the sector.

    I can already sense a whole bunch of \'guitar players\' who are champing at the bit for a few customizations.

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    Re: Tweaking service?

    Hey tob, I agree

    Z6, the reason I ask for original CDs is because of Watermarking and copyright issues. I dont want people using my watermarks in their music .

    I dont think develoepers would go for selling an update feature like this. It requires production time and money that most of them cant or dont want to spend... not to mention the issues that come up with some distributers and contracts. If I do it, I keep production costs to a minimal by not doing runs, but only \"one offs\".

    about the Ztar. I got mine a week and a half ago. I love it. I\'ve already poited out a few thigns to Harvey that had him laughing and saying \"you know...know one\'s noticed that until you\" A few things that have me excited about the updates. I might have to get on a beta team for that

    Also remember mine is a bit tricked out. So I might want to program too much

    Anyhow. One thing I can suggest is. Lower the release times to 0.1 on most solo samples that dont use release triggers (even some that do) then play them with hammer ons/without triggers in guitar mode. FANTASTIC! Makes a world of difference.

    anyhow other optional ideas are adding release trigger options to libraries that never had them programmed. I can add them to Wuantum Leap Brass. And even Miroslav...if I ever buy it.... Also Garritan Orchestral Strings and DD solo instruments (tho it gets strange in solo\'s)

    Not to mention impulses to make them all \"fit together\"

    it could be exciting.

    I\'ve alrady figured out ways to almost \"batch\" the process. I\'ve spent some time figuring out ways to even do wave edits (including cuts and pastes) in near batch form.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Tweaking service?

    Id be interested...save me alot of time

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    Re: Tweaking service?

    If you could get access to the developers separate mic channels you could offer versions with less close mics and get a bigger sound in a natural way. I still want to hear how those comprehensive librarys sound with only the room mics.

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    Re: Tweaking service?

    Sounds like a great idea to me! I would be glad to send the original discs for that kind of service. I\'d insure the crud out of them first though! HeHe!


    [This message has been edited by Lancelink (edited 04-16-2002).]

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    Re: Tweaking service?


    \"I don\'t want people using my watermarks in their music\"

    Now THAT is a classic quote!!!

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    Re: Tweaking service?

    Hi King, Great idea. Send me an email as I will gladly let you program extra\'s on my existing libraries. I\'ll be your first customer then.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Tweaking service?


    I\'d really like to get developer Support whereever I can.

    Its definietly somethign that if I go through with I\'d like to have.

    While I can do alot of ARt fcile tweaks I\'d sitll like to share actual sample end tweaks and not have to put the cost of printing/pressing/producing these tweaks on to the developer.

    I will Email you tomorrow morning Michiel.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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