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Topic: 'Hammonds'

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    Hi - I'm looking recommendations for a Hammond set of samples. I have the NI B4 (original version) which I quite like, but, well I'm looking for a change or some newer sounds to use along with this.

    BTW, Mr. Scarbee, are you reading this

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    Re: 'Hammonds'

    Virtual Instruments:
    How about upgrading to NI B4II?

    You can upgrade for only $50:

    LinPlug Organ 3

    USB RetroOrgans UVI Soundcard (iLok dongle)

    Sonivox B3 Hammond

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    Re: 'Hammonds'

    I would love to see Scarbee do organs like what he did with EPs!

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    Re: 'Hammonds'

    Ditto the above Scarbee idea. I'm assuming the OP is not a Logic user because Logic includes the EVB3 which is another very good emulation.

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    Re: 'Hammonds'

    Check out soundfonts.it for the vb3 1.1. It's definitely worth checking out the free demo to see if you like it. Also there you will find a free organ, organized trio. Dirtbag is a cool organ sim for some over-the top distorted and delayed sounds.
    Eric Matlock

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    Re: 'Hammonds'

    Wafflemaster - thanks for the tips. I have upgraded to B4 - its got some excellent 'experimental' sounds and is much better laid out (than the original).

    Eric - I think the demo for the vb3 sounds generally fuller, gutsier and warmer than the b4. Theres a lot less parameters to play with, but then again it costs a fraction of the b4.

    Ikari and Jimmy - yeah how good would a Scarbee b3 be!! If ever there was a developer destined to make this....

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    Re: 'Hammonds'

    I still play a real hammond about once a month - and have been fairly happy with the b4. But i recommend do try it side by side with the vb3 demo, and you'll see what I mean.

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    Re: 'Hammonds'

    I would say leave the plug-in realm for this one and buy a Nord C1 organ if you have the cash and an Electro II if you don't

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    Re: 'Hammonds'

    Quote Originally Posted by FredProgGH View Post
    I would say leave the plug-in realm for this one and buy a Nord C1 organ if you have the cash and an Electro II if you don't
    Not sure i agree with this. I have an electro and use it only as a controller for the evb3 in Logic.

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    Re: 'Hammonds'

    Quote Originally Posted by NYC Composer View Post
    As a former Hammond player, I'm pretty happy with B4II. The Leslie simulation is the weakest part, but that's usually true with simulations.
    I agree with your assessment, and in fact, play B4II through a Motion Sound Pro 3 with a Roland KC500 bottom, the Leslie sim altogether off in my B4 performance presets. The other complaint I have with B4II is that the distortion is just too heavy at levels above 3 or 4. These too get reduced in my performance setup.

    Otherwise, I like the sound of B4II very much, compared with either the latest XK product from Hammond-Suzuki, or an aging tonewheel.

    The VB3 product from Italy is also quite realistic sounding when played through a true rotating horn amplifier like the Pro 3. I've read on KVR-audio that the author is again rewriting the engine, for reasons of his own, incidently.

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