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Topic: Garritan studio 2

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    Exclamation Garritan studio 2

    Is there a way to load JABB on garritan Studio 2?
    I have finale2007 w/bundled gpo.
    I own both full gpo&jabb. if someone could help I sure would appreciate it.

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    Re: Garritan studio 2

    Hi Mike,

    Garritan Studio version 2 was designed to load the Kontakt Player 1 versions of JABB and GPO. With the advent of Kontakt Player 2 it is no longer a necessary application.

    My guess is that you have the JABB model that ships with KP2? You won't need Studio. Instead, grab a pair of virtual midi cables (Maple or MidiYoke) and route the output of these into the standalone KP2. You'll be able to use the KP2 versions of GPO and JABB together in the KP2 interface. If you haven't updated GPO to KP2 yet you should: it's free and fixes many small bugs.

    What's more, Finale 2007 should have support for Native Instruments and Garritan products built in. You shouldn't even have to use the standalone or studio apps.


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    Re: Garritan studio 2

    Thanks for your time!
    As I look at the software cases both GPO & JABB read Kontact Player but no updated KP2. Do I upgrade to KP2 from the Garritan site or the NI site?
    I d/loaded the virt/cables but as yet haven't a clue as to how they work.
    I have the identical setup on my mac powerbook and everything works perfectly and you're probably asking why don't I just use the mac?
    I like the way finale performs on my pc better and till I got the mac I used pc finale exclusively!
    I really appreciate your help!


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