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Topic: Regestration Help!!!

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    Regestration Help!!!


    I have recently bought a new computer so i can run GPO & C&MB smoothly, i had already registered on my old PC, uninstalled the software from the old PC and reloaded it on my new PC but i realise now that it wont let me register my copy with my new PC, the notice comes up and reminds me i only have so long to register but i cant.
    Please can someone help theres no need for a new PC if i have no software on it!

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    Re: Regestration Help!!!

    I haven't been in this situation myself since I updated GPO/JABB to KP2 so I am not entirely sure, but I believe you have to contact NI's registration support to make them delete the old Hardware profile. On the Registration Support page | Type of request: you can select Change of hardware profile - System ID.

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