Luis Resto is a Blüthner Digital Model One owner. Here are his thoughts on it. You can find more information on Luis Resto discography at these links.

The Bluthner is blowing me away daily. As a gigging piano player I've always preferred a real acoustic piano over a portable electric simulation, even if it is a bad upright. Reason being it is real and has resonance. That resonance and acoustic variable is what makes it alive in its response and makes me want to play. Playing the Bluthner Digital does that to me in the same way. Shading is the first thing that comes to my mind. When you play soft, the timbre softens as well, like a real acoustic. As you crescendo you can hear and feel the harmonics creep in up to ff. And that is absolutely the very tip of the iceberg. I hadn't tried any of the timbre impulse responses for the first week of playing and was in heaven. Once I started checking them out, I was lost for hours checking out and improvising in the head space they put me in. Really remarkable stuff. I know an instrument is special when I find myself coming back to play it over and over again. The Bluthner's sound inspires me to play and improvise every time.

Ernest Cholakis
Numerical Sound/ProAudioVault