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Topic: Sequencer + Sampler Volume so low I cannot hear

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    Sequencer + Sampler Volume so low I cannot hear

    HI guys

    I thought I post this here as well. Hope my description makes sense.

    It has been a while since I posted or even played with my instruments and sampler. Today I noticed a very strange thing. I use kontakt 3 and Sonar.
    Whenever I load a sample from the sound library, the volume of the sound sample is automatically set ot -12. I then set it to -3 and try recording something. As soon as I start it jumps back to -12.
    I tried to reset all the settings and I change the volume of all the samples, but as soon as I start playing or recording, they jump back to their weird automatic setting.

    This has never happened to me before. Does this have something to do with my midi keyboard/controller ?

    All the samples when loaded are either -6 or -12 and I cannot hear then.

    Maybe somebody has experienced this before or know why volume is automatically set.

    Hey Guys. Before someone even posted, I just was e-mailed the answer. It seems it has to do with my CC#7 Data. I am trying this settings now and it seems to work. Sorry for posting and then already having the answer.
    This forum was my last resort, as I have been asking around in forums forever. THANKS
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    Re: Sequencer + Sampler Volume so low I cannot hear

    I should read all the colors of a post before replying

    Yes, CC7 data would do it. This is the overall volume control for a midi track.

    Sonar has two options under the Options->Project->Midi Output area you might want to play around with:

    Zero controllers when play stops- sends values of zero to all midi CCs on all channels when you stop the sequencer. Not a nice setting for controller dependent instruments if you haven't programmed starting information into the tracks

    Controller Searchback- looks to see if there is any existing controller information behind where you start the Play cursor, which is quite useful for keeping settings what have been recorded.

    Where is the fader jumping back to -12dB?

    If it's on Sonar you may have enabled automation read without knowing. (Look for a glowing 'Auto' or 'Read' button on the track status and click it off).

    If it's within Kontakt, I'm not sure offhand where you'd look (I don't own K3).


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