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Topic: Future Illicit Activity Based Upon Garritan Products

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    Arrow Future Illicit Activity Based Upon Garritan Products

    It is a dark night on a darker street. The combination of a baby crying in the nearby projects and a hooker making filthy promises to men walking by creates an aural tone that makes me want to puke. I see multiple pairs of eyes with foul intentions.

    I am tempted to turn back, to run and escape this place. However, I am driven by the insatiable lust that I can no longer control. I finally see my target and quicken my pace. My hands begin to shake.

    `Have you got it?'
    `Yeah, but it was trickier to get than I expected. The price has doubled.'

    I look at him with anger and despair. `You're a thief.'

    `Yeah, so what else is new?'

    Defeated, I cram the money into his hands. He mocks me with his eyes and then hands me the package.

    I say nothing. I turn and walk as quickly as I can to my car. With doors locked, I greedily stare at my prize. It cost plenty and I know others would kill for it. I would have to be careful. For now I would put that in the back of my mind because I had it and nothing could stop me from using it. GPOA was mine.

    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
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    Re: Future Illicit Activity Based Upon Garritan Products

    Strange dreams.... I dream conducting the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra when using GPOA. See that grey, old conductor bow for the audience and die of joy..... A bit morbid, but at least I didn't pay a dime for it.


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