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Topic: GS4 and multi core processor

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    GS4 and multi core processor

    Does GS4 take advantage of multi-core CPUs ? This will increase actual polyphony and efficiency.

    For example, one way I can think of achieving that is: the disk streaming component ( which has to be kernel level ) can run on a core, the other, like DSP/Gigapulse can run on other core(s). Of course I don't know the GS internals and I believe this can be implemented in other ways.

    Since I am using GS3, I have observed that it only runs on a core, even though my machine is a dual core. So if it hits CPU usage of 70% or 80%, the sound was clipped. If the DSP engine/Gigapulse can run on the 2nd core, half of the CPU usage will be off-loaded to another core and should not have clipped notes.

    Can anyone out there doing beta testing shed some light on this ?


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    Re: GS4 and multi core processor

    I'm also hoping that the answer is "yes"...

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    Re: GS4 and multi core processor

    I was told by one of the Tascam guys that one core is for the app, and the other cores will divvy up the rest of the load.

    I have a QX9650 / DP35DP combo just waiting for GS4.

    I will definately be making a post on loads, and efficiency as soon as I get the upgrade from Tascam.

    If quad's work really well, I plan on getting the Intel Skulltrail next fall.

    By then an 8 core DAW might be at a reasonable price, and knowing Intel, it will be cheap by then as they are trying to put a nail in the coffin of AMD.
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    Slightly Off Topic,

    The German government has invested 84 Million into AMD to help keep the Fabrication Plant in Germany alive, which means that they will make a comeback, but not until next year IMO. They will not stand by watching Intel sweep the market again in 2009. They might end up buying the company which is good news for us.

    I would hate to return to the days of my GigaDAW's 1GHz Coppermine CPU that cost 1000 USD.

    My DAW's will always be Intel based, but I will always root for AMD by buying my sons PC's AMD's, thus helping us to keep Intel from raising their prices like they were in 1999-2001 !!

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    Who wouldn't want a 2000 USD SkullTrail for GS4 ?

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