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Topic: Super Tuesday, Super Bowl - Super February

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    Super Tuesday, Super Bowl - Super February

    Have you noticed now many super things there are in February?

    February must be super month:
    • Today is Super Tuesday
    • Sunday we had the Super Bowl football game (with Didier's commercial)
    • On February 5, 1953, the Adventures of Superman made its TV debut
    • On February 12, 1990, Super Mario Bros. 3 was released.
    • On February 7, 1994, a man applied Super Glue to his lips, thinking it was lip balm
    • A Super-Gun was tested by the US Army in Feb. 2006
    • The movie Super Size Me was filmed in February, 2003.
    • Legion of Super Heroes - Volume 2 DVD release Reb.8, 2008
    • It's time for a return of the GPO superheros this month,
    There are most likely many more super things that happen in February.

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    Re: Super Tuesday, Super Bowl - Super February

    Super Duper!

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    Re: Super Tuesday, Super Bowl - Super February

    Well that's super!

    Hey how bout them Giants? I didn't really care who won because i like both teams... well actually i was rooting for NE to remain undefeated, but cool to see NY win it, i have always liked the Giants. It has been a very long time since i watched football and some of that new stuff looked weird... like those colored lines all the way across the field marking the down and marking the yardline needed for first down, what kind of crazy stuff will they think of next?

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    Re: Super Tuesday, Super Bowl - Super February

    Are you guys sure about this? I thought Sunday was a bowling tournament, hence the name. I think Tuesday was when candidates played football to see who gets the nomination.

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    Re: Super Tuesday, Super Bowl - Super February

    I thought it was funny that Super Tuesday was also Fat Tuesday, making it "Super-Fat Tuesday!"

    By the way, my birthday is in February too, making it an even more super month!
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    Re: Super Tuesday, Super Bowl - Super February

    I could even see an argument for saying every fourth year february creates a "super-big" year with the leap year!
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