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Topic: Registration Issues

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    Registration Issues

    Anyone have this problem:

    Using Gstudio 3.21 since 2004 until Dec 07 no problems - life is good.

    Get GigaViolin for holidays - install GVI with Dongle thingy.

    after a week get a I am asked to re-register gigastudio. ok, go to the back up directory to recover and long and behold registration number changes.

    So, back to re-registering software with Tascam - frustrating but ok, get a new reg key back it up all is good.

    And then a week later (today)...a new registration key is needed yet again. The reg number changed on me and I cant restore from the most recent back of reg key.

    Am I experiencing some kind of PACE nightmare or other dongle thing? This all started going awry with the introduction of the GVI - but I am open to other problems.

    THe worst part of this is how long it takes to get on the phone with service support(when you aren't told to call back later) and the 48 hours required for email response - dont really know why it takes so long to generate a reg key.

    If you have not figured out I am tired and frustrated and tired and appreciate any assistance this forum can offer.



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    Re: Registration Issues

    Hang in there. This means that Gigastudio 4 is right around the corner !!

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    Re: Registration Issues

    Are you saying that Installing GVI undermined the GigaStudio 3 registration?

    Or that something is wrong with the GVI (Syncrosoft dongle) license?

    That's very strange, indeed.

    The best time to call TASCAM is at the beginning of the day (9am PST). There were times that I've had to try 4 or 5 times before getting a person to talk to (and other times that I got someone right away), but I've never been unable to reach someone that day.


    Were there any... any other changes to your system (hardware, software, moving folders around in Windows Explorer, etc.) that might have caused your problem?

    In the meantime, just keep hitting that phone... and good luck!!

    — alanb




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    Re: Registration Issues

    Alan and Scope thanks for the responses.

    Yes looking forward to G4 but still would like to solve this problem.

    Alan - yes this issue coincided exactly with the time I Installed the Gigaviolin GVI.

    It is the only significant change I can think of in the recent past.

    I will hang in there with customer service just tough when you have a job with meetings, being on the go and being on east coast time. So, schedules don't always align easily. For sure - I would never describe Tascam in a marketing survey as "a company that is easy to do business with" - then again they are not trying to take out Nordstroms (I don't think).

    They are fortunate in that there are many of us committed loyalists slogging it through - why do they hurt the ones they love? :-)

    Extremely excited about hosting VSTi's within the enviroment - tremendously cool.



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