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Topic: Gerald McBoing-Boing

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    Gerald McBoing-Boing

    Many of you may not know that the world's first sampling library was actually a young kid named Gerald McBoing-Boing.


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    Re: Gerald McBoing-Boing

    That was a very sad movie, i cried when they kicked him out of school.

    This reminded me of Wes Harrison, http://www.mrsoundeffects.com/about.htm

    when i was a young kid in the sixties, my dad gave me an album from his friend Wes Harrison who did amazing sound effects, i didn't know he was so famous and worked for Disney until just now when i googled his name.

    Click here to hear samples of his Running Horse, Jet Airplane, and Train:

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    Re: Gerald McBoing-Boing

    I remember that cartoon series from my youth!!

    Little did I know at that time who Gail Kubik was...I do now, though, and never connected him with the cartoon.

    Thanx for the link!

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