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Topic: Latin Brass section Advice

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    Latin Brass section Advice

    ¡Need advice!!!.Is better trombones+saxs+trumpets or sectionBrass.gig or
    Quantum Leap Brass or any alternative?

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    Re: Latin Brass section Advice

    QL Brass is O.K. for this, but you won\'t get the blistering trumpets. As far as I know there isn\'t anything really great out there for this .Maybe soon.......

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    Re: Latin Brass section Advice


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    Re: Latin Brass section Advice

    Have you considered \"Psychic Horns\', I think it\'s by Q-Up Arts, I have them for Kurzweil. They will definitely add brightness and punch, I\'ve gotten some decent results layering with QLB.

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    Re: Latin Brass section Advice

    I just got the new Bigga Orchestra Brass Trumpet tonight. My first impressions are not so good. Certainly nothing like the demos...

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    Re: Latin Brass section Advice

    Can second the \"Psychic Horns\" statement from dnortana. Have both the EMU-3 and Akai versions. There\'s not much variety in articulations, but you should be able to get some shining, punchy brass lines with this library. And it doesn\'t cost an arm and a leg...

    Cheers, Robert

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    Re: Latin Brass section Advice

    And Dan Dean Brass?is possible?

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