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Topic: How to connect Giga PC to Sonar PC

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    How to connect Giga PC to Sonar PC

    I need help! I have a 2x2 Midi interface, and a 4x4 midi interface. Mia card in the Giga PC, and a Waveterminal card in the Sonar PC. Running Sonar 7 on one PC, Gigastudio on another. How to properly connect the two machines?

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    Re: How to connect Giga PC to Sonar PC

    You could attach the 4x4 to your Sonar PC. Use one of the outs to drive the Giga PC. Your keyboard would run into the 4x4 as your main MIDI Input.

    That being said, I'd recommend using ipMIDI or MIDIOverLan if you have a home network. I'm using the demo of ipMIDI right now as a test and it seems to be working great. It's fully functional for 60 minutes.

    You simply choose the Ethernet MIDI Port as opposed to a physical MIDI port in the output option in SONAR and the input option in GigaStudio.


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    Re: How to connect Giga PC to Sonar PC

    Thanks Eric, but how would I connect the 4x4 to both PC's? Don't I have to run the Keyboard to the 4x4, and then an out from the 4x4 to the Gigas 2x2 in?

    I have it like this right now:

    4x4 going to Sonar PC/ 2x2 going to Gigastudio PC
    Keyboard to Midi in A on 4x4
    Keyboard to Midi Out A on 4x4
    Out B on 4x4 to in A on 2x2

    This works, but now when I play a tracke in Sonar armed as OutB (Giga), the output is going to BOTH OutA and OutB on the 4x4, giving me a layer of the Giga Instrument on top of the Keyboard intstrument.

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    Re: How to connect Giga PC to Sonar PC

    I think you only need 2 midi cables (assuming you don't want to trigger sounds in your keyboard)... one connecting the keyboard midi-out to the Sonar pc midi-in, and the other connecting Sonar pc's midi-out to Giga pc's midi in. Set the in and out midi ports you used in Sonar's track view. Also make sure the echo button (next to the M S R buttons) for the track is either purple (echo auto midi through) or green (echo midi out). If it's uncolored, just give it a click with the mouse and it'll turn green. The way to make it come up purple by default is to check a box in the global options page... something like "Always echo midi input". Keyboard midi input to Sonar should then echo to the Giga PC via the Sonar PC as you play whether you record or not.


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    Red face Re: How to connect Giga PC to Sonar PC

    The track echo adjustment sees to have been the problem! Thank you all, especially Howard..
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    Re: How to connect Giga PC to Sonar PC

    Oh sure, give Howard all the credit.

    Actually I was wondering if the "echo" setting in SONAR was the issue once you defined how you had it hooked up. I was under the impression you had not hooked it up yet.

    I'd still recommend downloading ipMIDI and try it out if you have a home network. It's nice not having to mess with cables and MIDI devices.


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