Hello Group,

As a newbie to GigaStudio, I was a bit angered by the fact that GSO3 won't recognize both of the Delta 1010LT soundcards I installed.
I was wondering if I can use GVI in tandem (on the same computer) to achieve the ends of using both soundcards. Having 16 audio channels is a must and, I wouldn't have enough money in this lifetime to buy a MOTU rig. At any rate, I hope the GVI idea will work out for the good. Right now, I'm trying to find the cause of a hellacious wooshing noise I get whenever the computer boots up. I could swear I was standing at the base of some waterfall. I don't think its a ground loop problem since, both power supplies and the four 4 channel audio amps are on the same power strip as the computer and monitor, making all associated circuitry plugged into the same dedicated wall outlet. I've got a Master Clock cable connecting to two cards but don't have the SMPT's interconnected. I'm wondering if this could be the cause? At any rate, it would be easier troubleshooting, if the noise didn't make you want to go to the bathroom every five minutes. Any suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated My Setup is as follows:

Abit K8V Mobo with 4 Gigs RAM.

AMD 2.4 Gig Dual Core Processor

2 - Hitatchi 250 gig SATA HD's running in RAID 0 (cant get them to run in 1+0 as I'd like)

2 - M-Audio Delta 1010LT Soundcards

MidiGadgetsBoutique midi controller system

Running: GSO3, JOrgan Version 3,

Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions or guidance provided.