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Topic: Just Installed Several Bela D Media Products

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    Smile Just Installed Several Bela D Media Products

    After several months of mucking around trying to get a new hard disk installed (first one dead on arrival, supplier denied it was at fault etc etc), I finally installed quite a few Bela D Media products that I purchased as part of the last Group Buy. I spent a little bit of time last night playing with them...

    Man was I impressed!

    I love the sounds of all of them.

    I installed Anthology Celtic and Spiritual Winds (these are awesome!)
    I installed The Giovani Edition and The Diva bundle and can't wait to get to understand these - playing around with the sounds was encouraging to the say the least

    I am pretty happy I must say.

    Now all I need is some time to play with it all, along with a heap of Garritan stuff I bought as well.

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    Re: Just Installed Several Bela D Media Products

    Alan, you are going to be very tired,
    you must remember to go to bed and sleep sometime.
    Have fun with those libraries.


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