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Topic: Any Drummers w/ LSAD & Triggers?

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    Any Drummers w/ LSAD & Triggers?

    I am looking to find a solution for GS3 and LSAD that uses pads, and triggers.

    I have a problem using the Alesis Trigger I/O, and Roland RT-10 series triggers.

    It is an acoustic drum kit with the pads over the drumheads, and the samples are LSAD kits.

    Problems at first were thought to be Gigapulse related, then too many velocity layers on the Montineri Snare, and after deleting the snare and using only toms and kick, the app still crashes.

    I now believe this is a MIDI feedback loop or something.

    Anyone here ever use drum triggers?

    I am thinking of trying a hardware MIDI filter. I have a great software filter in Scope that eliminates Active Sensing, but this set up my require a hardware solution.



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    Re: Any Drummers w/ LSAD & Triggers?

    Nevermind my virtual brothers, I had a live brotha' help me from another forum.

    The problem was the Alesis Trigger I/O and the Roland RT-10 series triggers, they need a hardware MIDI filter to help get rid of that jive arse active sensing crapp.

    It reminds me of the old EMU Emulator SP12 of yore. A drum track done on an old Oberheim DMX was fast easy and trouble free. The SP12 had custom drum samples but sent boatloads of useless MIDI info. I had to clean each track in the hardware sequencer by hand.

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    Re: Any Drummers w/ LSAD & Triggers?

    I'm running an Alesis DM5 into Giga with LSAD. Fortunately, the DM5 MIDI output is clean.

    I just wish that I could map the thing to LSAD better. I've got samples across the drum head, but the DM5 just plays one note with velocity per drum.

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    Re: Any Drummers w/ LSAD & Triggers?


    Two words: Rule Builder.

    Use it to turn notes of specified velocity ranges into other notes, thereby mapping a single trigger's various ranges to a number of keys. Possibilities abound.


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    Re: Any Drummers w/ LSAD & Triggers?

    Thanks Mark,

    LSAD already has deep velocity sampling and round robins. My controller really need another dimension to use the breadth of samples available.

    Maybe I could be the first person to use a breath controller on a drumset.

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    Re: Any Drummers w/ LSAD & Triggers?

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst View Post
    Maybe I could be the first person to use a breath controller on a drumset.
    Great idea, Jon -- makes perfect sense.

    Mapped to the proper CC channel, your breath controller could serve the same function as Sam Woodyard's elbow:


    — alanb




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    Re: Any Drummers w/ LSAD & Triggers?

    It seems as though the MIDI blues has been cured thankfully.

    I used the Scope MIDI Filter temporarily, as it's not a good idea having it prior to a MIDI Destination Module. It knocked out the active sensing, but creates a loop, as this was meant to use in the Scope MIDI inputs actually, but the MIDI Monitor, and Filter proved to us that the cure is a hardware MIDI Filter.

    www.midisolutions.com to the rescue.

    The Montineri Snare and Yamaha Toms of LSAD are incredibly sampled. The velocities recorded are spaced out perfectly also, as you can actually hear the different samples when someone can play a buzz roll really well.

    I always hated MIDI drums until I heard this used w/ these triggers and pads.

    The drummer is a perfectionist and has forced me to prove that we could get a snare to play close to a real snare. But at the end of the day, we still need to add an FP8 w/ some pedals and create keyswitches triggered by these to have rim shots, etc. to really get close to what an excellent drummer and great library can do.

    At least he is happy for phase one.

    I will post again with further sucess / failures.

    I gave up a Scope / GS3 DAW to make this happen. I will even buy a new P35 / E8500 combo to make this as real as needed. The Lexicon PCM's w/ LSAD are to die for.

    Peace My Brotha's From Another Mother,

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