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Topic: Giga files import into Kontakt

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    Giga files import into Kontakt

    Hi - I'm trying to import a large (.5 g) GIG file into Kontakt - and K is not even recognising the file. I've been able to do this before - but not this time.

    I'm not sure this counts as a monolith file - the file isnt described as such.
    Should I rename the file (eg: nki) or use some load/save option in Kontakt, or both?

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    Re: Giga files import into Kontakt

    I know this sounds silly, but are you remembering to navigate inside the Gig file. Most Gig files contain several articulations, which is what Kontakt will import - it won't import the whole Gig file at once. Although I know this I constantly forget to do it. On the other hand you normally get an error message saying that the file isn't directly loadable because it acts as a folder to other files - if you haven't seen that then I'm guessing it's not the problem.

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    Re: Giga files import into Kontakt

    Hi Pingu - the whole file is not showing up at all in the folder in the navigator ( in K2). Still stumped!

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