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Topic: Simple question to get me started

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    Simple question to get me started

    Finally got around to installing my JABB yesterday, and was immediately thrown because I didn't appreciate how much has changed with the Kontakt player since the early days of GPO (which I never got around to upgrading).

    I wanted to 'upgrade' an arrangement I made a couple of years ago as a quick learning exercise, so my first step was to choose a rhythm section multi, and start reassigning the relevant cubase tracks to play JABB rather than whatever else they had previously been assigned to. Trouble is, I couldn't find where to set the receiving midi channel in the JABB multi. I can see it if I load an individual instrument, but not in a multi. Does loading a multi confer any advantages over loading invididual instruments ?

    I don't really want to have to change midi assignments in my arrangements, because I have been quite methodical in operating to a standard, and stuck with the old GM priciple of having drums on midi channel 10, so it would be nicer to change the multis to suit my arrangements (a one-off job) rather than the other way around (which would probably set me back years).

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the trouble to answer such a trivial question ...

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    Re: Simple question to get me started

    You can set the receiving midi channel in each instrument individually, no matter if it has been loaded in a Multi or not. Make the instrument bigger by pressing on the '+' on the right side of the instrument, then look for something like 'Midi Ch: [A] 1'. Click on that and choose another Midi channel.
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    Re: Simple question to get me started

    Thanks for the quick response, Hannes, I shall go and give that a try. I did click a load of things to see what happened, but obviously stopped short of the right one. Probably because I was a bit mesmerised by the fantastic bass playing which was coming through my headphones at the time !

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