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Topic: Excerpt from a large work for VSL Strings, "Fall Out"

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    Double Post. Please DELETE ME!

    Hey gang,

    I just finished an exhausting project, a 15 minute work for String Orchestra called "Fall Out". A very talented choreographer has set his own work to it, and it will be premiered next season.

    Fall Out (Excerpt)

    I wanted to share an excerpt with you- because I'm quite proud of it. I've combined VSL Solo, Chamber, Orchestral, and Appassionata Strings to try and coax as much expression as possible out of the samples. I've come upon a kind of "chaos" method that works really well- I'm constantly shifting emphasis from Chamber-Orchestral-Appassionata by using a tiresome number volume envelopes and velocity crossfades. I add solo strings at a very quiet level as a finishing touch. My goal here is to make sure that a repeated phrase never sounds the same, and so that a chord/note never stagnates.

    Thanks for listening!

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    Re: Excerpt from a large work for VSL Strings, "Fall Out"

    Very fine work--this deserves lots of listeners. The anticipated production should be magnificent. Congratulations on that!


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