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Topic: Portamento or Legato ? Or is it even any of these ?

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    Portamento or Legato ? Or is it even any of these ?

    I am writing and composing and my strings sounds ok, but I cannot for the life of me achieve that sweeping "connected" playing style that you hear in a lush sweeping string section.

    I have GPO and I also bought Kontakt 3. I have the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Opus 1 & 2. With these instruments the Legato, Portamento and slide function is build in options that you can choose, but it just does not sound right when I play it.

    When the strings transition from one note or chord too the next, how can i get it to sound more like a sliding up or down that is connected rather disconnected parts ?

    Do you have to write this in by hand after you recorded a string section, or is this is setting in GPO or elsewhere which you set, and then when you play it will transition from one note to the next in a sweeping connected style ?

    If by hand - how ? And if with settings.. then where ?

    I would appreciate any help. I have read the portamento/string tutorial, but it does not answer my question.

    Thanks guys !!!
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    Re: Portamento or Legato ? Or is it even any of these ?

    this is something you have to write in by hand. i'm not sure what cc it is (19, 20, or 21 i think) that controls portamento, but its in the manual. you have to do a couple of things and it gets somewhat complicated. by the way, i might not be the best person to ask and hopefully someone will correct my mistakes.

    1) you have to have the notes overlap a bit, and also have sustain enabled (cc 64). thats what gives you legato. i'm not sure if its that way with all instruments, but i know it is with most. also, i've found it to be better if when playing legato you only allow one note to be played at a time per instrument (this is done by setting the max polyphony to 1 in the Kontakt player). this way it switches to the next note immediately and i think the legato works better.

    2) after you have your data entered in legato you have to draw in the portamento in whatever cc its in. i'm not sure how to draw the data for it, but i know thats how its done.

    3) i'm also not sure if the velocity of the second note matters in terms of the speed of the portamento

    something to note is that in the strad and gof solo libraries all you need for portamento is to have the notes overlap and it automatically slides dependent on how hard you hit the second note. i'm hoping that the gos2 works this way, but we'll have to wait and see.

    ***i'd like to note that i probably butchered this explanation, so please fill in my massive gaps.
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