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Topic: VST Host that likes multi processors?

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    VST Host for VI's that likes multi processors?

    Help oh wise PC people! Does anyone know of a stable multi-processor VST host for VI's? I have a quad-core Xeon that seems to be very picky. Vstack crashes and also I tried Brainspawn's forte. Forte at least was happy some what until I started to adjust the buffer sizes since I was getting alot of pops and clicks (the VI's have no problems running in stand-alone). Any ideas?


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    Re: VST Host that likes multi processors?

    Not a hell of a lot to do with your post, but look this up, it may give extra oomph in the right place..


    Bryan H
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    Intel Core Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHZ 8.00 GB Ram
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    RME Fireface 800
    Gigastudio 4
    Native Instruments B4 VSTi Bridged "Jbridge"
    Dosbox 0.74 running "Texture" sequencer.

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    Re: VST Host that likes multi processors?

    I use Reaper. I was on the same hunt for a VSTi host. Tried Forte, Cantabile, Plogue, etc. Nothing comes close. It's a full DAW program, but I only use it to host FX and instruments. Unbelievably processor efficient. I'm running 8 instances of Altiverb plus GVI and the CPU never goes above 50% with a 256 buffer setting (intel 3ghz core 2 duo, Windows XP). I also use a Frontier Design Dakota card for audio, which has a very efficient ASIO driver.

    Reaper LOVES multiprocessors - so much so that you can tweak the program to handle them in a variety of ways.

    It has no copy protection and payment is on the honor system.


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