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Topic: The new guy... and Your first computer

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    The new guy... and Your first computer

    Hello everyone! My name is aaron and I am new to Northern Sounds.
    I have had a look around and it seems there is an amazing group of people on here dedicated to making great music/sounds and I look forward to talking with everyone on here for many years to come!

    Along with this first post I would like to ask a question.. Drum roll

    What was your "First" music computer set up

    and how does it differ from your current music set up?

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    Re: The new guy... and Your first computer

    My first setup was an off the shelf machine (PII-400MHz, 128MB RAM) with a Yamaha SW1000XG card, and two Creamware Pulsar cards. The cards went into a Soundcraft mixer, which fed my hi-fi amp. Input was through a horrid little 49key controller, with no weighting.

    Now I have a small LAN of three machines, connected by FX-Teleport (to be 4 in September) that looks like this:-

    Machine 1:
    Quad Core, 4GB RAM, Echo Layla card, CME UF8 Keyboard, Trigger Finger, Line6 PODXT

    Cubase4, FL Studio7, Sibelius4, Sound Forge7, NI Komplete3
    Vienna Elements, Brass I+II, Concert Guitar
    EWQLSC, RA, Strad, Gofriller, GPO, Various Kontakt Libraries
    Cameleon5000, GMedia Synths

    Machine 2:
    P4-3GHz, 2GB RAM

    Vienna Strings I+II, Percussion
    EWQLSC, Gofriller, Strad, JABB, Sounds of Polynesia, Kong Audio Instruments, Other Kontakt Libraries

    Machine 3:
    P4-3GHz, 2GB RAM

    Vienna Woodwind I+II, Special Keyboards

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    Re: The new guy... and Your first computer

    C64 - I wrote a custom sequencer that would be triggered by the joystick. I then wired up my Boss DR110 drum machine's accent port to trigger the joystick port of the c64.

    Now: Intel E4400 w/Audiophile 24/96. XP Pro w/Sonar & Kontakt.

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    Re: The new guy... and Your first computer

    Hi Aaron and welcome to NorthernSounds!

    My first computer was a 100MHz Pentium running MusicTime Deluxe. I made midi files.

    Now I'm using a dual core laptop to run Sonar, Overture, and quite a few sample libraries.


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    Re: The new guy... and Your first computer

    Atari 520 ST w. Steinberg 12 and U-20 controller


    Apple G5 2.0 ghz DP w. 3 gigs RAM, Logic 8, Digital Performer 5.13 (6 on its way) and more plug-ins than I ever had in synth racks! More debt too!!

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    Re: The new guy... and Your first computer

    P75MHz running Cakewalk Home Studio (can't remember version...maybe 4??). MIDI input by mouse only. Audio in to soundcard (generic) via line out from my Tascam Porta07 4-track. All processing offline, and very little at that.

    Now I'm on a (still antiquated) P4, 2.93 GHz, 1.5 megs of RAM, Sonar 4, GS/GVI3, Garritan Strad, Vienna Opus 1, bits and pieces of other stuff.

    Still behind by some standards, but way ahead of where I started!


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    Re: The new guy... and Your first computer

    Atari 1024ST with Notator, a Roland U-220 sound module and a Yamaha DX7 as a controller.

    Current set up:

    Mac G5 dual 2.7GHZ 2GB RAM running Logic 8 and a 3.2GHz Athlon PC running GigaStudio 3, Kurzweil PC88 (controller), U-220, E-mu Proteus/1, Kurzweil K2000, GPO.


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    Re: The new guy... and Your first computer

    Mac + with Mastertrack Passport Pro (5) used as a sequencer with a Roland JV-80 (later adding a Yamaha TG-500). Recorded into a Sanyo cassete tape deck.

    For original progressive electronic rock influenced by J.S. Bach and (old) Rush, check out: www.soundclick.com/jeffreynaness.

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    Re: The new guy... and Your first computer

    Another Atari user. Had the Atari 520ST with 2.5 MB of RAM. Thought that was quite a bit in those days. I could load 200 MIDI songs into a Ramdisk when playing live. Used Dr. T's sequencer.


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    Re: The new guy... and Your first computer

    A Mac Plus with two floppy drives a massive one meg of ram, MOTU Performer, and a Roland S-50. Sadly, their 12 bit strings sounded way better than some of the future 16 bit libraries, including even some of Roland's.


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