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Topic: Cleaning/Uninstalling Garritan Products

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    Cleaning/Uninstalling Garritan Products

    Hi All,

    I am dealing with two issues with Garritan products.

    Issue 1: I am using GPO, JABB, and GPO for Finale ( 2007). I have also full Kontak 3 by Native Instruments.

    Nut When I check my installed programs ( in "Add or Remove Programs": WinXP) I see I got bunch of Garritan products as follows;

    Garritan Jazz Big Band 2.83 GB
    Jazz and Big Band KS2 2.8 GB
    Garritan Personal Orchestra 1.91GB
    Garritan Personal Orchetra KP2 1.93GB
    Native Instruments Finale GPO .16MB
    Native Instruments Finale GPO 2.0 868MB

    Aren't some of these redundent? Do I need to have all of therse?

    When I open my VST instruments in Finale 2007 it shows:

    Garritan Jazz Big band
    Garritan Personal Orchetra
    Kotakt 3
    Kontakt Player 2.

    Issue 2: I have a Finale composition that I have used the Garritan Personal Orchetra ( full) not through GPO KSP2. Whenever I want to change a patch in my composition it doesnt' allow me to do that. It give me error that " This patch was generated by a newer version of Kontakt. Please upgrade your copy to load the patch." But my copy is fully upgraded!

    I guess I have to only use KP2 in Finale to set my garritan instruments.
    Hope some help me with thsee two issues.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Chekad Sarami
    Math Professor

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    Re: Cleaning/Uninstalling Garritan Products

    Yes, some are repetitive. You may be able to remove the KP1 versions separately, though if any files are shared between the KP2 and KP1 installations, they may be deleted as well. (You can, of course, then reinstall the KP2 version exclusively. Use the installer from the service center, which will either prompt you for your original install CD's for the nks files or you can add them manually later to the GPO Library folder.)

    Unfortunately I can't help you with your second issue, but someone else who is knowledgeable there will hopefully step in.


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    Re: Cleaning/Uninstalling Garritan Products


    On to the Finale things.

    Your VST instruments showing "Garritan Personal Orchestra" mean that according to Finale you still have GPO 1 installed on your system. The reason for this is that the file "PersonalOrchestraVST.dll" is still in the "FinaleVST" Directory.

    This will cause problems when you try to play or modify a patch in a file that was created using GPO ver 1. You will get the error message you mentioned because Finale is still loading Kontakt player 1 that came with GPO ver 1.

    Unfortunately there is no quick fix to this other than to either re-enable the Kontak 1 libraries (I think that there is a post both here and on the Finale Forums on how to do this) or to go through "Native Instruments VST Setup" and change instances of "Garritan Personal Orchestra" and replace them with "KontaktPlayer 2", then reload all of the patches.

    The upside is that with a bit of re-arranging of the midi channels, you can reduce the number of player you need to load (if you're using 2 or more players). Just remember to go through the instrument list and re-assign the midi channels.

    It would be an Idea to go to the Finale support site and search for updates to Finale2007. There is an update to make HP recognise and support Kontakt Player 2.


    Daz :0)

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