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Topic: Looking for name of a orchestra work

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    Looking for name of a orchestra work

    I went to see an incredible U.S. Premiere of Steven Mackey's "Time Release" last night by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra under Marin Alsop.
    I'd highly recommend checking out this piece if/when the recording is released.

    They also played Strauss (Till Eugenspiel...), Debussy (Faun), and Stravinsky (Firebird suite), and knocked them all out of the park if you ask me -- really an excellent performance all around.

    They played an encore piece which sounded insanely familiar but I can't place it. It was a short (maybe 4 minutes), modern, fast, percussive piece which liberally quoted Bach's Fugue no.2 from WTC. It was a great piece and I'd like to track down a recording -- anybody know what piece this is?


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    Re: Looking for name of a orchestra work

    why not contact them and ask?
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: Looking for name of a orchestra work

    They don't give out programs any more?

    - k
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    Re: Looking for name of an orchestra work

    It was an encore, not in the program.

    I'll call them and ask, I just thought someone here might be familiar with the piece, and it might spark some discussion.


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