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Topic: Forum weirdness

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    Forum weirdness

    Am I the only one who sees a giant section of blank page that I have to scroll down from to read anything on the forum since the last couple of days?

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    Re: Forum weirdness

    Sorry Eric,
    I don't have that problem. Maybe it's a settings thing? Try clearing your cache?


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    Re: Forum weirdness

    Yeah I had the exact same thing on some machines but not others since the recent changes. All of them running IE6 on XP. Clearing the cache (cookies / viewed files etc...) sorted it out

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    Re: Forum weirdness

    Scratch that... it seems that the act of logging in was what sorted it out?? not the IE cache...

    Just realised when I browsed again without logging in. Guess I'll log in more.

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    I am in IE 7 Windows Vista without problem. BTW congratulations to the administrators, the new look is really cool!
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    Re: Forum weirdness

    User control Pannel > Misc. Options > Skins "Retro"
    will reskin the forum to the old version and also fix some other functional problems.

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