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Topic: Using x-fade velocity with VSL strings

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    Using x-fade velocity with VSL strings

    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone know how I can get the cross fading velocity envelope to work with Logic 8? I found the "expression" was on midi layer 11 (or something real close to that), but I can't seem to find the trigger envelope to change VSL's cross fading velocity layer. Expression works fine, but of course, doesn't change between the different velocity layers using VSL as an audio plug-in. Anyone know how to?

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    Re: Using x-fade velocity with VSL strings

    If I've understood you correctly....

    1. Go to the Perform page in the VI plugin.
    2. Make sure Velocity X-Fade Button s activated.
    3. Click on 'Map Control' (top right) and see what controller is assigned to 'Velocity Crossfader' - or assign a new one.
    4. You can also assign a controller to 'Vel.xfade On/Off' to toggle the button mentioned earlier.

    That's it!

    I assign my Velocity Crossfader to the Modulation Wheel but only use it when putting expression into long notes - I prefer to control staccatos with 'normal' key velocity. You will also find that the crossfader works better on ensemble patches rather than solo instruments, as there is some degree of phasing as you cross between the samples.

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