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Topic: A clipping-sound in JABB Steinway

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    A clipping-sound in JABB Steinway

    Just to let everyone now know: this isn't to digress, to flame or to say anything bad about the Steinway etc etc so I won't get angry comments how I don't like the Steinway and it's sustain: I do. I just want to report this "issue" in case the grand is being ported to a new ARIA player and therefore reprogrammed anyway, at least to some point.

    The JABB Steinway get's clipped at some point when playing sustained notes. You can hear the issue in this MP3.

    Listen to how the sound of each note gets digitally clipped at the end of each note and they die one by one.

    Just to let you know.

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    Re: A clipping-sound in JABB Steinway

    How high do you have its gain cranked in the mixer for it to be noticeable? Yes, there is a sort of clip at the end, but it might just be the envelope cutting the sample off.

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    Re: A clipping-sound in JABB Steinway

    You notice it when you have a long chord playing, from the way the notes start dropping off too sharply, as if something starts to eat your chord, piece by piece. I think the envelope should be a bit smoother, since the clip sounds like it's in the middle of the waveform or something... there's this effect as if a speaker was un-powered while still on.

    I personally don't mind if it stays unaltered, but you can't hear this kind of thing in the GPO Steinway, at least to me this one is quite noticeable. Still, it's quite true not many need this long sustain.

    I don't want to debate whether it's noticeable or unaudible, that's up to personal taste and needs. I have posted it now and they can decide themselves if they do something about it or not.

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    Re: A clipping-sound in JABB Steinway

    It's not the envelope, that's resposible for this. The samples are cut off at the end No programming - in Kontakt, Aria or any other sampler - can fix that.

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    Re: A clipping-sound in JABB Steinway

    But maybe they could add an envelope to fade-out the ending so that before the sample ends, it would fade-out already. The sustain on that piano is already that long that no one would notice.

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    Re: A clipping-sound in JABB Steinway

    I'm running JABB within cubase 4 and I cannot get the effect you play on your mp3. I can clearly hear each note of the triad stop on your track but it doesnt happen on mine. I'm using the Kontact player latest version. Not that is much help but its odd.

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    Re: A clipping-sound in JABB Steinway


    It may be it's something with my setup. I think I have the latest update of KP2, but I can try the VST version (I'm currently running AU in Ableton Live).

    I'll post more.

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    Re: A clipping-sound in JABB Steinway

    It is not something with your setup. I could hear it, when I played that same C Major triad in Kontakt 2 (ff) and when I auditioned the individual samples of the triad.

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    Re: A clipping-sound in JABB Steinway

    OK, here's what's going on: Most of the piano samples are looped near the end of the sample. An envelope is applied to continue the decay from there. This results in decay times appropriate to the note. Anyway, that is how it is supposed to function but K2 has blown some of the loops under certain circumstances and the playback stops abruptly at the loop point. Not everyone is experiencing the problem, hence the different reports. Fortunately, one of my systems does show the problem so I investigated when it was first reported in a Garritan tech support question several weeks back. I found that the loops *appeared* to be correct but some were not functioning, despite their appearance. Restoring the loops as a group seemed to fix the problem (even though no change could be observed in the display of data.)

    But that's not all. I thought the issue had been solved but testing in the last couple of days has revealed an additional wrinkle. Loop restoration applied in the full Kontakt 2 (which then functions correctly in Kontakt 2) does not reliably function in the Kontakt 2 player - and yes, this is exactly the sort of thing that gives programmers, like me, a major headache. I think I have found a workaround for this but it is a fairly slow process to apply and will take some time.

    The solution (if it tests successfully) will be released with the next update, which should be soon. This issue will *not* exist in ARIA - it is strictly a K2 problem.


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    Re: A clipping-sound in JABB Steinway

    Tom, what I see is, that all samples (below Eb6) consistently show a loop count of 1, and that is not enough. Raise the loop count to 10 and they play back just fine. Are you saying, that K2 mysteriously changed all loop counts to 1?

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