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Topic: Reverb Comparisons...?

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    Reverb Comparisons...?

    I was reading the \"Jeremy Soule on Far micing\" topic and noticed many people who wanted comparisons of the various reverb boxes;

    Perhaps what we need now is a .wav file of a short dry orchestral snippet (any early Star Wars recording springs to mind as a useful one, even though it would be better with a midi-mockup of course) that people can download and apply their reverb to (at a fixed wet/dry ratio). This could make for a useful comparison of reverb units. (Kinda like that piano sample comparison)

    Maybe someone could devote a little webspace to host the clips in mp3?

    The snippet wouldn\'t have to be that long. 15-20 seconds or so perhaps?

    My guess is that the differences in sound wouldn\'t be that noticable, and to an untrained ear maybe not even distinguishable.

    I can apply the tc3000, (maybe lex 300) tc reverb software plugin, waves reverb, the trusty Zoom 1202 and a few others I think I can dig up.

    We could make a complete comparison! It would be great in deciding which reverb to go with to best suit your \"style\". It would be a comparison for orchestral stuff of course.

    How do you like this idea?


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    Re: Reverb Comparisons...?

    Hi Thomas,

    I\'ve also been looking for a good reverb unit for a while (I would prefer an external box - I\'m still using a Pentium 100 Mhz!!! and Emu samplers - maybe one day I will upgrade to gigastudio when it will be more flexible - that\'s why I\'m reading through this forum since beginning).

    Once or twice I\'ve started a thread about reverb and last time I was pointed to an interesting link on Harmony Central. I think many people would like to give a try to \"Moster Rack\" at www.harmonycentral.com. There you can basically apply any preset of a PCM91 or TC M3000 to a file of your choice.

    I\'ve found that for my taste TC unit is better for orchestral and classical acoustic instruments (I\'ve borrowed one for one day and I liked it a lot). Also, here in Geneva, pros are saying that for classical recordings some guys just throw away 300Ls to use the M3000\'s more \"natural reverb\".

    I started some years ago with AKAI samplers and Lexicon Alex (the best I could afford). Then I was going to switch to an MPX1, but having listened to it I didn\'t like the way it fitted to my sounds. Then I was looking for a PCM91 and that\'s when they pointed me to the M3000.

    Yet, I\'m still curious to listen to a higher end Lex like 300-960, and I wonder if they\'ve all the same reverb algorythm and just different power...

    I second your idea and I hope to listen to some comparison between the most powerful units and softwares (even if - due to the amount of system crashes I have to stand daily - I would always opt for a dedicated solution!).


    P.S. I wonder if and what was the reverb used for the Artificial Intelligence score (which I like so much!). That\'s the kind of space I\'m looking for...!

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    Re: Reverb Comparisons...?

    Hehe, I can apply Lexicon MPX-100.

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    Re: Reverb Comparisons...?

    The guy I work with got rid of his Lexicon 300 to buy a TC M3000. He loves the \'transparency\' of the TC, and the 300 never really sounded as good as a 480L to him.

    Mind you my friend who bought the 300 just raves about it all the time and feels he got a real bargain.

    A horse for a course, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course...

    mrE - hmmm - a mystery...

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    Re: Reverb Comparisons...?

    That\'ll be intersting...

    We need a source file being uploaded. Who can contribute this? Thomas? Have that Star Wars file?

    Or anybody else a reliable mockup? King? You\'re needed cause you own (almost) everything concerning reverb IMHO

    Jump in!


    Edit: sorry can\'t help out with webspace

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    Re: Reverb Comparisons...?

    It aint much but i got a Lexicon MPX 500 i can throw in if needed
    It\'s great for a monitoring reverb for singers. It has analog and digital outs that you can assign which mean i can send the analog outs with effects (to monitors) and send the digital out without effects to multitrack.


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    Re: Reverb Comparisons...?

    I could contribute results processed by AltiVerb.


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    Re: Reverb Comparisons...?

    Excellent! I\'m glad many people are willing here! We need more units though! Once I get about 10-15 different units from different guys I will post a short dry clip here on NS and you can mail your processed clip back to me. I will try to make room for them all on my web space.

    As for the music clip, any preferences? I\'m thinking film music here of course.


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    Re: Reverb Comparisons...?

    see below...

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    Re: Reverb Comparisons...?

    We should also generalize the format... do we want this mp3? Or pure wav? I think it is enough if the results are mp3 192kbit encoded, but the source I think needs to be wav if there is no mockup.

    Also we should set a place not to get results that face to be Lincoln Center and others to be in a shower... Am I right?

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