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Topic: Lost my sequencer virginity

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    Lost my sequencer virginity


    Now that I've got my full-verision GPO and my Sonar 7 I have moved on to the next step of virtual music-making.
    This little piece was created during the course of an evening and was intended as a tutorial-piece for me to practice my sequencing-skills with.

    I'm completely new to the whole 'engineering' thing and could need some tips. What I've altered in this piece is just a few rythmic fluctuations and dynamics (without modwheel, ain't got any keyboard yet).
    What else is there to think of?

    entitled "op.43"
    Regards Danial Zainali
    Reinvent powdered wigs!

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    Re: Lost my sequencer virginity

    It basically sounds good and is a nice spritely piece.

    I'm sure you don't want to draw in the modulation but some dynamics are needed for better realism, although the harpsichord isn't affected.

    Listening with my speakers the instruments are mostly coming from the right. You might do some panning to spread it out unless that's where you want the instruments placed.


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    Re: Lost my sequencer virginity

    Hello, Felix

    I already knew you had music in your blood, so it's no surprise you have something interesting going on here--Neat!

    "... (without modwheel, ain't got any keyboard yet..."

    But you have Sonar 7---pretty up scale, big expensive NICE program there--Everything you need is in that Host Program.

    The heart and soul of MIDI editing is in the Piano Roll View. Right there, you select the controller you want to work on--modwheel is cc1, "modulation"--choose it, grab the pencil tool, and start drawing. Many people do very sophisticated modwheel editing, and lots of All sorts of MIDI editing without a keyboard.

    Phil gave you a good note on the panning there. Just take a listen, squarely sitting between the two speakers. Things sound unbalanced? Then start changing their panning positions in KP2--that's all there is to it.

    Thanks for posting again!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Lost my sequencer virginity

    Ay ay!
    Thanks for the advice, shall look into that stuff.
    Regards Danial Zainali
    Reinvent powdered wigs!

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    Re: Lost my sequencer virginity

    Ah, my sorrow at your lost virginity, Danial... lol.
    I'll probably forever remain in notation, myself.

    Other than what the ear says, I can't be of much
    help with sequencing... but one thing I note is
    the panning, which you might have another look at.

    I enjoyed listening!

    My best,


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