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Topic: Sonar and Sibelius

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    Sonar and Sibelius

    I am totally confused. Nothing new I know, but this one has me stumped.

    I composed a piece in Sibelius and made a WAV file which is 4 minutes and 19 seconds long. I played with that WAV file in Sonar (adding effects only) and the resulting end product is 4 minutes and 19 seconds long.

    I did this piece by using the realtime recorder function of Sibelius called Flex-i-time

    I made a Midi file while in Sibelius of the same piece. I opened that piece in Windows Media Center and it is 4 minutes and 19 seconds long.

    I opened the midi in Sonar and added GPO instruments to it. Bounced it to a track, and then made a wav file of that. The Wav file is 3 minutes 33 seconds long. I didn't add or delete anything from either file, so what is going on?

    All the music is there, it just goes at a faster tempo. What am I doing wrong.

    I just went back to it and see that as soon as I open the midi in sonar, the piece is shorter.

    This is the first time I have taken a midi from Sib and tried to get it right.



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    Re: Sonar and Sibelius

    Depends of how you imported the midi file into Sonar.
    I am using Sonar 5 Prod. When importing the Midi in Sonar tracks all tempos changes normally in the score aren't there. It just stuck to the tempo Sonar has.

    What I do is the following. I setup Sonar project and IMPORT the midi tracks from the Notation program. This is a MIDI without any tempo changes.
    OK for now. Then I open another empty Sonar project and do the "File/Open" and read (not importing!!!!) that same midi file. Now it has all tempo changes in it (see in sonar Alt-9). Then I copy only the tempo changes (just click on that tempo list you see when you do Alt-9 in Sonar). Then I close that second project and go back to the first one. Again Alt-9 and then a very nice Control-V in the tempo map, et voila all tempo changes are there.

    Have fun...

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    Re: Sonar and Sibelius


    Thank you for the help.

    I really thought this program would be intuitively simple...guess I was wrong.

    I copied everything you said and did it and it worked perfectly. I also now have a nice little .Doc on my desktop next to Sonar to remind me how to do this.

    Thanks again


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    Re: Sonar and Sibelius

    Nice, very nice.... and now post it in the Listening Room, so that we all can hear it and enjoy it..... but first enjoy the sunday.

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    Re: Sonar and Sibelius


    I just tried your way and I agree, it skips a step and makes life easier.



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    Re: Sonar and Sibelius

    OK, when you start a new project that's allright. Then you can open teh midi file and all info should be there. But think of the other way. You plan to make a huge composition and you have your Sonar project ready and made for it, before any midi files are present. Then my solution is the correct one.

    Of course Rolifer, you can skip the whole process of having two projects when you start a new project AND you have your midi files present. The solution with two projects (the Tempo project and the MIDI project to call them) is also very handy when you are in the middle of a sequence process and you found out that you have to do some drastic amendments of/in the score. The project in Sonar can stay there only you must IMPORt the newly made Midi file and place thse midi tracks at the deleted miditracks (because of those amendments).

    Jon, I thought he already had his Sonar project ready and set.


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    Re: Sonar and Sibelius

    Can you not save the file set-up (like a large orchestral piece with all the Kontakt players and tracks needed) as a template file (.cwt)? Then you just need to open the template for the type of piece you are working on. Template files only save the format of the piece not any data (I believe).

    Just a thought...
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    Re: Sonar and Sibelius

    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    oh, duh. I probably should have figured that out, lol. I should sleep more!

    Why? You are bright enough... at least for me

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