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Topic: Help needed with GPO

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    Help needed with GPO

    Hi, my Girlfriend bought me GPO for my Birthday, but i have no idea of how i should be using it. Can someone please help me with this?
    What else do i need to purchase to get this working? I cannot really play the keyboard, so preferable i would like something where i can compose it, and play it back with the garritan sounds.

    What would i need to buy/how would i go about this?

    your help is appreciated.


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    Re: Help needed with GPO

    First advice - keep that girlfriend!

    To play back GPO, you just need a midi keyboard and midi interface (and soundcard with ASIO drivers) = use the GPO standalone player and play away.

    To seriously compose by 'scoring', you possibly need one of the many applications (eg Overture, Finale) which are dedicated to this approach. GPO VST/RTAS will load up as a virtual instrument in these apps. GPO used to come with a lite version of Overture I think - perhaps not anymore.

    If scoring is not what you were thinking of primarily then you probably need any one of the many DAW apps out there, which start from very cheap (Magix), upward. Sonar is very popular with the GPO folks. Digital performer, Cubase, Logic, Ableton, Sony, FruityLoops all are/make sequencing packages that can use GPO as a virtual instrument. With these you can play in (using midi), or compose on a score, or a piano roll.

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    Re: Help needed with GPO

    Hahaha good advice!! I can only play guitar, so scoring it is my best bet. I will have a look at some of the products you mentioned and see which is easiest for me.

    I will try out Overture demo and see if I can get some songs out of it.

    Thanks for your help!

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