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Topic: Thanks and Apology

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    Senior Member rwayland's Avatar
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    California Redwoods

    Thanks and Apology

    So many of you have listened to my compositions and said such kind things about them. For this, I thank you very much. It certainly is an encouragement to continue as well as being helpful.

    I have not listened to very many works of other here, and for this I apologize. The reason is very simple. I live in the redwoods, on the very edge of nowhere, and broadband connection is not available. So it takes me a very long time to download a piece. I tried this afternoon to download a piece by Jun Yammamoto, the projected time was an hour, but kept climbing. I have expectations of a Satellite broadband in the next month or two, which will be a big help, although nowhere near as fast as a real broadband. Then I will have a better means of listening. So please don't think that I am deliberately snubbing anybody; it just presently is a very bad situation.

    Thanks again for the attention you have given to my music.


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    Re: Thanks and Apology

    Hi, Richard

    What a thoughtful post. Truly, deep-down thoughtful.

    I remember now that you've mentioned a few times that you are on dial-up, and so playing music isn't practical for you--but as I'm sure is true of others, info about each person's set up and limitations etc. is hard to keep straight.

    I suppose I've noticed that it's rare for you to participate on other threads, and so that's why it's especially good to be reminded of why that is.

    Best of luck getting the Satellite broadband you're wanting. When that works out, I know you'll be having a Great time with Many things, including being able to hear more of the great music posted in The Listening Room.

    Thanks again--I for one really appreciate what you posted.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Thanks and Apology

    If we're having an apologies thread, let me add mine. I've been suffering, for three or four months, from some kind of problem where my machine won't stream stuff - I click on a link, my machine says it's downloading it, then, when it's done, it goes to a blank webpage that says 'done' at the bottom, but doesn't open MediaPlayer. Same happens with video, mp3, wav; I've checked all my settings, but nothing appears to be wrong, so I'm stuffed. It's really frustrating - not only can I not visit the listening room, but I can't hear demos of things I want to buy.

    I have stopped uploading music, though, so that I don't feel too bad.

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    Senior Member Leaf's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    Dallas, TX

    Re: Thanks and Apology

    Well Richard, listening to your music is truely a blessing, so i apologize for not posting music for you and others to listen, but i'm working on it little by little.

    Your post reminds me i should get over to the listening room, in the meanwhile i hope they get a better availability of options (but still cheap) out in your neck of the woods, but at the same time hoping real estate, retail, and office developers, don't go treading near your peaceful refuge.


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    Re: Thanks and Apology

    Indeed a thoughtful apology, which is I'm sure accepted by everyone here. I guess it must be difficult enough for you to UPLOAD your music, please don't stop doing that.

    Time is also not always one's own, so it can be difficult to keep up at times with all the splendid music that is posted in the Listening room.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: Thanks and Apology

    I would hate to think anyone would feel duty-bound to balance their comments on others' music with their postings.

    That works both ways.

    Personally I like to think that each contributor or non-contributor acts in good faith and has only goodwill to base their actions on.

    If people choose to contribute or not, that is their right.

    I hope you enjoy your satellite access Richard when you get it.

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    Senior Member rpearl's Avatar
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    Jan 2005

    Re: Thanks and Apology


    Hope the satellite thing works out. Sorry this has to be one of the down sides to living in the glorious redwoods.

    Very thoughtful comment, and a nice gesture, to boot.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Thanks and Apology

    That's going to be one tall dish installation on top of one of those trees... Dan

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    Re: Thanks and Apology


    Rest assured my friend, your compositions have given many (including myself) great inspiration and pleasure. We are truly grateful that we can count you as 'one of us' in the Listening Room.

    There was a time when my location was in something like the last 4% in the UK to get broadband and I was equally very disappointed. Then suddenly, about two years ago two miraculous things happened! The local authority gritted the roads in my village (first time in living memory!) and BT engineers turned up to install broadband. So it can happen - but in many cases, as here on Dartmoor, it requires a lot of letter writing and action from pressure groups. Good luck - and keep posting.



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    Re: Thanks and Apology

    What a thoughtful note, Richard; thank you.

    I think most of us were well aware that you were stuck behind
    a slow modem, of course. And especially more recently as
    more and more of us write longer pieces and record at higher
    bit rates --it's just impossible to listen to more than a few for
    those still on slow lines. I well remember being exactly in that
    same situation not so long ago -- everything seemed to take
    forever to download for the simple reason that... it did.

    Wonderful to hear you're soon going to be gaining some
    speed, my friend. While satellite has its drawbacks; it's
    surely going to be a great improvement for you!

    All my best,


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