Ok... Sorry for the crosspost...wasn't sure if this should go into the 'hardware' or "software samplers" section but hopefully it can get.

I have 3 old gigastudios running win98se and gigastudio 2.5 or even maybe 2. Anyway the computers are ancient, the oldest one being close to 10 years old. I don't even remember their mobos and memory configs. However, I'm pretty sure I can consolidate into 1 box now as I mainly use Kontakt on other boxes and would like to free up the space. I have a few sounds that don't like the transfer to Kontakt so I'd like to have one nice and powerful Giga box.

If I'm not mistaken I have 1g of memory in each one...

I'll probably keep with giga 2 and not move on to 3, but would like that option open to me.
I plan on using GigaTeleport from FX-max so I'm not concerned about the sound card (although my old boxes have 1aark 20/20 and two frontier designs cards)

Anyway, here are my questions:

1. I was thinking of getting an intel dual core, is this ok or should I go for quad core
2. Is gigastudio 3 Large Adress Aware? meaning, should I buy 4gigs of Memory for my new box and use the 3g/ switch? or would that be a waste of money?
3. I was thinking of buying this mobo ( GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS3P LGA 775) will that be sufficient/good or would y'all recommend something else?
4. What memory timings would y'all suggest for such a machine.

all the best
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