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Topic: More than 160 libraries at SoundsOnDemand!

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    More than 160 libraries at SoundsOnDemand!

    www.SoundsOnDemand.com is a 100% subsidiary of Best Service, located in Germany but operating internationally. Best Service has now been in the business of distributing sound and software products for almost 19 years. As Best Service focuses on complete product packs printed on CD or DVD and sold through dealers as well as to end-users, we have created SOD to satisfy the online download market. We see this as a perfect supplement to boxed products.
    The outstanding Xsample library has been completely reworked to a suitable Kontakt 2 format exclusively for SoundsOnDemand and offers 12 high quality volumes of Solo Instruments for chamber music and chamber orchestra.
    Xsample has spent nearly two years of work to finish this extended library. With this new product it is possible to achieve musical output from a notated score without tweaking in an external sequencer. An adaptation (Human Playback preferences) for Finale 2007 / 2008 is included. This means you write arco, pizz., col legno, sul pont. or what ever in your score and you will hear the right sound. The Xsample Instruments can be used for a wide variety of musical styles, because of standard "bread and butter articulations" and a lot of unusual articulations as well. There are also instrument files for "live" playing, with the intention to create an easy to play instrument. All instruments have extensive xfade-articulations
    and the classical velocity switch-articulations. So you can choose if you like to fade the dynamic and the colour of the sustained tone by your modwheel or by keyboard velocity. The whole library is recorded dry, so you can choose the right room for your virtual orchestra.
    The following instruments are available:
    - Solo Strings (violin, viola, violoncello, contrabass)
    - Woodwinds 1-3
    - Keyed Instruments
    - Harp
    - Steinway B Piano
    - Mallets
    - Percussion
    The instruments are available in open Kontakt format. This means you need a NI Kontakt2 or Kontakt3 to load the instruments. The library will soon be available with a Kontakt Player 2 as well.
    For users of the first Xsample CD-ROM library we run a special crossgrade offer with over 50% discount till end of April.

    Have fun!


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    Re: More than 160 libraries at SoundsOnDemand!

    I think it's terrific there's a site like this that provides for the download market. As a matter of fact, I've been looking for something like this for some time... This will go on the top of my bookmark list.

    Thanks Robert,

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    Re: More than 160 libraries at SoundsOnDemand!

    These guys are great!

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    Re: More than 160 libraries at SoundsOnDemand!

    got xsamples solo instruments there and yea SoundonDemand are great!
    All I can Say is...HA!...HA!...HAAAAAAA!!!!!

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    Re: More than 160 libraries at SoundsOnDemand!

    I do love the site. However, I'm having problems right now with it. I bought Chris Hein Fretless a few days ago, and now want to buy the Picked Bass addon. But no matter how many times I try to enter my serial number to legitimize the addon, it says it's not valid(or something like that).

    I love the fretless bass so much that I really REALLY want the other one. But I can't buy it as expected.

    Anyone else try this and have it work or not work? Or am I a guinea pig for the whole process?


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    Re: More than 160 libraries at SoundsOnDemand!

    Just contact their support; they have nice customer support from what I've experienced.

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    Re: More than 160 libraries at SoundsOnDemand!

    Did you try to contact our support department (use our contact form)?
    You should get immediate help if there is any problem in the shop.

    best regards


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    Re: More than 160 libraries at SoundsOnDemand!

    I did contact support. I guess I was just posting here to see if anyone had tried it before. I actually got help directly from both Chris Hein AND Freddy(from SOD) almost immediately, and my issue was solved and I already downloaded last night before bed. Seems it was a minor technical issue with the addon system.

    So no problems at all! If nothing else, it was a GOOD experience because I got to see how great the support at the site really is. And that's a good thing for knowing when I decide where to look for samples in the future!

    Now I'm happily rocking out on two Chris Hein bass guitars, and I couldn't be happier!


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    Re: More than 160 libraries at SoundsOnDemand!

    Nice to hear that from you

    Rock on!


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    Re: More than 160 libraries at SoundsOnDemand!

    Hi all,
    There are over 220 downloads online now at www.SoundsOnDemand.com including the fantastic download collections of Loopmasters and Motionsamples.
    .......and our data base is still growing - stay tuned!


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