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Topic: For Terri

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    For Terri

    Here is a song I wrote for my wife for this Valentines Day. She has been in a melancholy mood so I wrote her a melancholy piece. I have been working with my brother to learn on how to engineer a good mix. Along with things he did I reworked this mix to fit what I like to hear.

    Here is James Galway playing:

    For Terri

    My brother felt the piece was abit short so here is a slightly extended version with trumpet solo:

    For Terri II
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    Re: For Terri

    Hi, Bill - You couldn't have predicted this, but you just now provided me with the PErfect thing to hear during the break that I'm taking for a wee little 5 minutes this afternoon.

    Really nice groove to this, and the mix is sounding great--Has to be the best recording production you've done, don't you think? Even though you tweaked things some more, sounds like your brother must've been helpful.

    Loved the arrangement, beautiful Flute line--Terri will surely be very touched by this very special Valentine's Day gift.

    Thanks for letting us hear.

    Randy B.

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    Re: For Terri

    A nice smooth jazz piece.

    I liked the piano work on it coupled with the tambourine and bongos. It created a nice base for the flute to float over.

    It was a very good mix.

    It sounds soothing and romantic. Maybe just what the doctor ordered.


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    Re: For Terri

    Randy - Yes, my brother's hand is evident in this mix. He realy knows how to handle this stuff. I just moved a few instruments around (brought the piano forward and moved the drum set back - boy was that tiring moving all that equipment!) I am glad you enjoyed. I know my Terri will (But she likes everything I do!) I am glad it gave you some soft-quiet momnets during your ordeal with the your show.

    Phil - I am glad you liked the piece. I wanted a tranquil piece and with the mix my brother helped with (actually he did most of the work!) I think I got the effect I wanted.
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    Re: For Terri

    Holy cow, Bill -- you sure have hit stride on this one!
    Four aces, excellent job on it.

    Not only solid writing (love the rhythm work in this,
    by the way); but the rendering... sounded so good
    I took off the 'phones and jacked up the JBL's to
    get a room listen to it. Several times, in fact.

    This is decidedly some of the best popular work
    I've heard from you. Much applause!

    Did I mention I liked it, too?

    Always my best,


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    Re: For Terri

    David - Thanks so much for stopping by for a listen. I am glad you "liked" it. Play it for your wife. BTW I have a version with vocal (sampled) that gives the effect I was looking for.

    If you (or anyone else) would like to hear, it is here:

    For Terri with vocal backup

    (Obviously it is not a Garritan sample)
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: For Terri


    Excellent rendering!!

    A very enjoyable piece that I am sure Terri will just love.

    Well Done


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    Re: For Terri

    Ron - Thanks for listening. She does love it - I couldn't wait til valentine's day to give it to her.
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: For Terri

    Hi Bill,

    I'll concur with the others and say..."Great Job"!

    Nice romantic and upbeat feel to this, along with a first-rate rendering.

    Nice stuff, Bill! No wonder your wife liked it!


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    Re: For Terri

    Very nice sounding mix to this. I’m a dancer and it got me moving my pieds. I especially liked the ostinato line of the piano…like listening to a echo in a canyon slowly fading away….made the piece unique and special for me.. great job.


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