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Topic: A noisy studio

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    A noisy studio

    I have access to a nice little studio...which I\'d like to use to record samples. (Maybe make some gigs for Worra\'s.) However, the people that built it left the Mac -in- the room. And I can\'t move the machine. The fan kindof kills the sound. Is there anything I can put over the machine to exterminate the noise?

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    Re: A noisy studio

    I have the exact same problem with my PC and Kurzweil Keyboard fan. Its much too noisy, so I have to resort to using my tiny closet as a recording booth. If ANYONE could find a solution, that\'d be incredibly great.

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    Re: A noisy studio

    Well, they should just have put the computer outside the studio.

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    Re: A noisy studio


    Which Kurzweil Keyboard do you have? I\'ve been considering a K2600 for a master controller (lots of great MIDI controls), but this is the first time I\'ve heard about an internal fan. I hate all that extra noise floating around the room.

    I\'ve built a fake wall in my studio to cut down on the noise from my Giga PC on the other side of the room. Just a simple frame, some plywood panels, and insulation stuffed in the middle. I also bought some fabric and foam to cover the exterior of the panels, and it works great. I\'m going to build a couple more this summer. Perhaps you could build a portable little \"shell\" for the Mac CPU.

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    Re: A noisy studio

    I got a K2500XS from www.wwandbw.com I lucked out big time. They had 4 more fully loaded, (orchestral, piano, and contemporary Roms) and the KDFX for just $3200. If you can find the K2500, (they don\'t make them anymore) I\'d go for that. The 2600 doesn\'t have that many more features. It\'s like buying a 600 megahertz computer over a 550 megahertz. Not much of a difference. Both have fans, because the keyboard is mammoth size, not to mention heavy. It\'s great though, in my opinion the cadillac of keyboards. The fan is very quiet, and your setup sounds like it won\'t be a problem.

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    Re: A noisy studio

    I have the KW 2500X, and the fan definitely is audible when I\'m sampling, because there\'s quiet in front and behind the tails (of course my mackie d8b console fan and hard drive make WAY more noise than the 2500.

    There is a PC isolation cabinet, the Iso-Box available at http://www.customconsoles.com/ but it ain\'t cheap, folks-starts at about $1000. I am developing a similar solution for myself (and it\'s uggglyyy!!!) Just some particle board with damong materials and a ventilation baffle set to diffuse the noise. But it\'s still audible compared to an isolation room.

    There are also slow fans and quiet heat sinks you ocan find for some processors.
    Good luck.

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    Re: A noisy studio

    euhhh... guys,

    How come you cant move the Mac outside the room ?

    It cost me about 100 dollars in cabling to get my pc out of the studio here and we\'re talking 15 foot cabling, very easy cheap and does the job, no more computer generated noise, the sound of silence. sometimes it\'s just too silent, kind of eerie specially when you\'ve been editing samples all day hehehe.

    Vintaudio Prod. www.vintaudio.com

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