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Topic: GPO and SONAR - which version ?

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    GPO and SONAR - which version ?

    Hello !

    I am looking into buying SONAR as a sequencer, and I I saw that there are several SONAR products, the Sonar 7 Producer Edition, the SONAR 7 Studio Edition, the SONAR 6 Home Studio, and the SONAR 6 Home Studio XL - which one would I need ? I am not necessarily looking for the cheapest, I just want to buy the right one. What are your experiences ?
    Thanks in advance for your help !


    Georg Pauwen

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    Re: GPO and SONAR - which version ?

    I asked that same question sometime ago. Almost all adviced me to buy the full Sonar version,. Sonar 7 Producer. Just because of the richness of possibilities which aren't present in the other versions. But I can't look in your wallet.

    Oftewel, ga voor Producer. Er schijnt heleboel in te zitten wat in de andere pakketten niet zit. En als je eenmaal een goedkopere versie hebt is het jammer als je toevallig iets nodig hebt......... Ik zeg altijd (als het budget niet van belang is) "beter mee verlegen dan ..."

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    Re: GPO and SONAR - which version ?


    Sonar 7 Producer Edition is the flagship of the Cakewalk line. It is an excellent program and is being improved with every iteration. There is a Sonar 7 Demo if you want to try before you buy here
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    Re: GPO and SONAR - which version ?

    Both Producer and Studio are excellent products. Depending on what you intend to use it for, you may not need the added features of Producer. I suggest you read the feature comparison chart on cakewalk's site to determine if the price difference makes those features worth it to you.
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    Re: GPO and SONAR - which version ?

    Hello again Georg,

    I know from our previous chat that you have tried the demo of Sonar Producer 7. Unfortunately due to the limitations of the demo version (no VST facility) it's not possible to try it with GPO.

    I have the full Sonar Producer 7 and I have to say it really is excellent. I'm not actually sure I needed this version although I have to say I'm using more and more as I learn more. I am glad I chose this version, even if I don't need all it offers.

    I think it's good advice to visit the Cakewalk site and to read the specs of the different versions.

    Good luck with your choice.
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    Re: GPO and SONAR - which version ?

    If you can afford to get the Producer Edition then do so. Otherwise, you'll end up upgrading in the future and it will cost more money in the long run. I went from Home Studio to Studio to Producer edition.


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    Re: GPO and SONAR - which version ?

    Interesting advice you've gotten on this thread.

    Sonar is great in my opinion, and I also think there are many MAny users who have bought into the full blown Producer edition who didn't need to. If I had a penny for every post on bulletin boards I've seen from newbies who are in Way over their heads after spending some fairly serious money for a program--!

    I'm a serious musician, and produce recordings of my music which are just as sophisticated as people using versions of Sonar which cost 4 times as much as my HOME STUDIO 6XL.

    You get more soft synths, more plugins, more things which are quite nice with the full blown versions of Sonar, but in essence they aren't all that different--I assure you, for a mere $150 you could get All you need for a long time to come, if you just get a Home Studio copy.

    I confidently can tell you that. My tracks speak for themselves.

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO and SONAR - which version ?

    Well, I have been using Sonar 4 Studio Edition, and it does all that I require of it. I use it in in all my composing, editing and arranging. Eventually, I import to Sibelius and produce a top quality score.

    The best advice I can offer is to examine all the features and be very sure of what you really need and could make use of without adapting your music to use the fancy features. As for the demos, every demo I have ever tried has had some features disabled, and usually exactly the features that I most needed to know about. That includes Sonar. Final thoughts: Sonar is very good. If you remain in doubt after all your meditations, buy the most expensive one you can afford.


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    Re: GPO and SONAR - which version ?

    If you don't work with Surround Sound, don't buy Producer Edition. Studio Edition is the same as PE without the Surround Sound bells and whistles. SE is of course more expensive than Home Studio but is also MUCH more powerful. You won't regret buying SE, whereas HS may soon leave you with a wish to upgrade to SE. It did with me.

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    Re: GPO and SONAR - which version ?

    I, too, have Sonar Studio 4 and it is capable of doing everything that I need to produce professional sounding music. I started out before Sonar with Cakewalk versions and upgraded each time a new one came out. My advice is if you have never bought a Cakewalk Sonar DAW to get one and then stay with it. You won't need to upgrade because you will have everything you will ever need. I appreciate that they are a business and need to constantly churn out new products. But from a practical standpoint and customer's perspective you can stay with what you have once you have it in the door and not have to worry about upgrading (unless you really really want the extra new bells and whistles that are included with each upgrade.)

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