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Topic: Performance Views are missing

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    Performance Views are missing

    This is not a MAJOR issue by any means, but for a while now I've noticed that the nice graphics that were present in KP2 (Performance View) are now a generic blank blue. This is affecting my Chris Hein Guitar, JABB and GPO, but not the Strad, for some reason. The sounds are all there and load up properly, but the graphics are missing.

    When I load up the individual .nki's in K3, though, the individual instrument graphics ARE in place. As far as I can tell, it's purely cosmetic, but just a bit strange.

    And of course GPO plug-in used to bear the Garritan name before, and now it just shows up as Kontakt Player 2 (in the VST instrument rack of Cubase 4.1.2, Mac OSX 10.4.11); again I'm pretty sure is now the way it's supposed to be?

    Thanks guys,


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    Re: Performance Views are missing

    Just one of the many bugs in the Native Instruments Kontakt 2 Player. This is a Native Instruments issue. I'm not sure this one will get fixed as NI has now released Kontakt 3. So who knows how much work they will put into fixing lingering bugs in Kontakt 2.


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    Re: Performance Views are missing

    This is a bug which was really getting me down. As you say, not a Major issue but a pain nonetheless.

    Happily, someone (dsampson55) found a cure.
    refer to his post here http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=58447

    Specifically, his third suggestion (deleting the ....info.nkc) was the one that worked for me.

    Post Edit:
    Oops, just noticed that you're running on a Mac, while the fix suggested here is for a PC. Hoever, seing as you're also talking about a VST version, the file may exist somewhere on your system so it may be worth a try,
    Hope that this helps..


    Daz :0)

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