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Topic: KP2 crashes while loading instrument

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    KP2 crashes while loading instrument


    I have searched the forum but not found the same problem. Please help.

    I just installed the GPO last night (bought during Go-round) on my PC + Windows XP. My PC has a USB midi-interface and ECHO MIA sound card. The sound was truly stunning!!! However, the followings are the problems I found.

    1) I started by playing my keyboard into the standalone KP2. After loading/unloading instruments for a while (at most two instruments at a time), the KP2 suspended during an instrument loading. This was so severely that I couldn't terminate the KP2 process from task manager. I had to restart the PC. The second time went through fine.

    2) I then tried the plugin KP2 on a free VSTHost software. I first tried the KP2-8-out. The hanging during loading happened again. It's not exactly hanging because the instrument loading just suddenly became extremely slow after a few percents of loading process. And now eventhough I could terminate the VSTHost + KP2, reran them caused another suspension immediately. I had to restart the PC. Then, it didn't happen again in the second time I tried the same configuration.

    My PC spec : AMD X2 5200+, Asrock ALIVE NF6P mainboard, 1GBx2 RAM (Kingston), Western Digital SATAII 80 GB H/D.

    In all cases of hanging, only the KP2 software (or VSTHost + KP2) hanged. The Windows XP did not. So I checked the CPU usage. The KP2 (or VSTHost+KP2) was holding 272 MB of RAM and didn't consume CPU at all. Sounds like it's waiting for some I/O completion?

    Please help suggest whether or not you have experienced the same. I'm being very enthusiastic about playing the GPO. Really hope to get it work smoothly.

    Thanks very much in advance,


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    Re: KP2 crashes while loading instrument

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the VSTHost + KP2 that worked out in the last try was the basic KP2 plugin version (2 outs ?)


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    Re: KP2 crashes while loading instrument

    I have not experienced this, so I am not sure what's causing it.

    Just to rule out your sound card (audio driver) is somehow involved, do you have the option of choosing a different audio driver? Maybe an onboard sound card?

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    Re: KP2 crashes while loading instrument

    The only time I've seen Kontakt hang during loading an instrument is when there hasn't been enough free memory to load it. Is Task Manager showing all of your memory?


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    Re: KP2 crashes while loading instrument

    Thanks for the reply!!

    Nick : I think I will put sound card driver problem as the second priority over the PC/GPO compatibility issue, simply because this sound card is quite difficult to remove from the slot (my PC case problem).

    Jim : I will check out the RAM. Yeh, it could be the issue.

    Thanks again.


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