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Topic: GONDOLA RIDE - Finessed

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    Smile GONDOLA RIDE - Finessed

    Hi, Folks

    Well, I've persevered through hours and weeks of editing controller lanes (new territory for me), adding some parts, re-recording the cello part with the Gof, tweaking some notes...and having to replace my sound card this past weekend. Anyway, I'm up and running again, and I'm pretty happy with how this sounds now. (Not so much like a rank beginner! LOL)



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    Re: GONDOLA RIDE - Finessed

    And it payed off!!!
    Your composition, Barb, is well worked out, smoothed and ironed, with your unique harmonies, interesting instruments combinations and more...!
    I enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish and will look forward to your next piece!


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    Re: GONDOLA RIDE - Finessed

    Thank you, Yudit! I can't believe how long it took me. Hopefully I will start to get a little faster. But drawing curves with my mouse, well...!


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    Re: GONDOLA RIDE - Finessed

    Hi Barb,

    WOW... this is just really pretty! The repeated melody has just enough of a melancholy/haunted quality to keep the ear interested and anxious for more throughout.

    I'd like to offer a couple of suggestions that easily fall under the realm of personal preference. The cello was beautifully done; to my ear, it just lacked a bit of fullness and presence. Maybe a bit of bottom end EQ punch-up? The strings become very dramatic in the statement of the theme towards the end, effectively and dramatically so; have you thought of changing key at that point to punctuate that sense of drama?

    Minor things, though. This is simply a very well-done, gorgeous work of music! Congratulations!


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    Re: GONDOLA RIDE - Finessed

    Those are great suggestions, Danny. I admit I never even thought about EQ, I was so focused on those controller lanes! A key change on the restatement of the theme is also a really good idea.

    Given that I've obsessed over this for the past few weeks, neglecting other projects, I think I'll let it sit for a bit, and then come back. By then I'll have input from more people, too, and will be able to take it all under advisement at once.

    Thank you for your feedback!


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    Re: GONDOLA RIDE - Finessed

    Hi, Barb - This is Great to see you back with your "Gondola Ride" finessed.

    I remember really liking the piece the first time you posted it, and that you asked for some tech tips. I recall that my tip was to use a greater variety of attack velocities, and pointing out the miracle of control available through the MIDI controller panes.

    And now here you are--You've emerged with an even nicer recording, after some weeks of solitude, working your way slowly through the piece again.

    Well congrats, all your work really paid off. I'll say that it never gets Extremely fast, doing that kind of work, but of course with experience it will become a smoother, faster process. You'll find that you can streamline some of your controller editing--that it's possible to get hung up on some tweaking that doesn't really yield audible results.

    But yes indeed, this is a beautiful ride up in the air--If being in a balloon's Gondola would be guaranteed to be so tranquil and lovely, then I'd even be inspired to get up there in one of those things!

    I appreciate the unveiling of your new version to us. And I think that's very wise what you said about letting this one rest for now so you can return to other projects that you've been waiting to work on.

    Thank you, Barb!

    Randy B.

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    Re: GONDOLA RIDE - Finessed

    Thanks, Randy. I'm glad you still like the song.
    For that matter, I'm glad I still like the song after all this work! LOL

    For my part, I'd like to take my gondola ride in the Venice tradition of a canal trip. I'll leave the air-borne type for those folks with no fear of a sudden and catastrophic landing!


    P.S. I'd be interested in hearing more about how to streamline editing of controller lanes. Thanks!

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    Re: GONDOLA RIDE - Finessed

    AH--of course, Barb--I had the wrong kind of Gondola in mind. OK, yes, I'm ready to drift down the canals like that---sounds much safer. Thanks for the correction--now I can enjoy your pretty piece even more--no associations with being afraid to be up in the air!

    Randy B.

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    Re: GONDOLA RIDE - Finessed

    Congratulations, Barb. You've just proven the old axiom
    to the effect that, the harder the work the luckier you
    are... lol! All of that effort was worth every moment...
    you've arrived at a beautifully written piece, with the
    rendering nuances under superb control.

    The one remaining area in this that I agree could use
    slightly more attention is the overall sound treatment.
    But at the rate you're advancing, I have no doubt
    whatever that you will rapidly hone these skills.

    Much enjoyed!

    All my best,


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    Re: GONDOLA RIDE - Finessed

    Hi, David


    Could you expand on the "overall sound treatment" with specifics? I'm not sure what you mean.... EQ? Adjustments to the reverb? Spatial considerations? I would appreciate any direction you are able to give me. I am absolutely committed to learning and honing my skills. Writing instrumental music is (nearly) brand new for me, "Gondola Ride" being my second attempt, so I obviously have a great deal to learn. To that point, I have so appreciated the willing and experienced assistance I have received from the Northern Sounds forum members.


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