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Topic: Choir Library

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    Choir Library

    Hello community. This is my first time posting, I'm a new member, and I've always had a doubt about choir libraries availables for notation. Does anybody know something about it? like where to get it?


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    Re: Choir Library

    If by notation, you refer to Siblelius, I believe there's a choral library from Sibelius... for Sibelius.


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    Re: Choir Library

    Thanks for your reply Kaiyoti!

    But I'm not sure about this: If I'm using Sibelius with Garritan, can I join both libraries? because I know Sibelius has its own choir, but if I swith to Garritan, It won't let me use the Sibelius libraries, is that right?

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    Re: Choir Library

    Hi Andino,

    Welcome to NSS! As of version 5, Sibelius loads all VSTs. You should be able to use Garritan stuff and Sibelius's own soundbanks together without a problem!


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