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Topic: The Student

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    The Student

    Good morning.. I'm a new user, and a rookie composer. I'm a music lover since I was a kid. I was trying to make some music, but the problem is I don't know a lot of technical terms or theory the people should know about music. I've created this first piece of music called The Student, it's not much, but I'd like what you people think about it, it must be worked out a lot better, but I'd thank any constructive comment about it, or any critic (even if you think it's crap), I think that's the only way we can learn... while I start study music..



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    Re: The Student

    Hello, Andino, and welcome to the forum!

    You certainly have an admirable start with your venture into the world of composing! There were some nicely done textures and evocative thematic material in this. The repeating timpani note gave it a definite air of apprehension and possible doom. A nice touch with that.

    Composition is kind of an "educated trial and error" process -- with (in my case, anyway) massive amounts of error that hopefully, eventually lead to more and more satisfying results. As you learn more and more about the technical aspects of the craft, you will find that your capacity for creative thought increases as part of that growth.

    Looking forward to more of what you will undoubtedly have to offer.


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    Re: The Student

    Thanks for the message and support Danny, it's very important for me. Honestly, it's becoming more than a hobby, I'm getting really passioned with this.

    Thanks again!..

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    Re: The Student

    A warm welcome, Andino!

    And, for the record, no matter how long we write, we
    are forever "students" of the art.

    You are off to a good start, here; you have good raw
    materials with which to work... and it succeeds in
    setting mood and atmosphere in its evocation of
    apprehension and possibility.

    Keep it coming, my friend!

    All my best,


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    Re: The Student

    Welcome to The Listening Room, Andino

    Hearing your piece, and reading the brief conversation on your thread so far is unexpectedly moving to me.

    It's just wonderful the way you're discovering your talent for musical composition, and already feeling passionate about it. Having these great virtual instruments to work with can certainly be inspiring.

    It's full of interest, this piece of yours, with a remarkable level of sophistication considering how new it all is to you.

    I just want to stand back and give you room--let it loose, Andino, you're off to a marvelous start.

    Randy B.

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    Re: The Student


    Welcome to the Listening Room.

    The first requirement of becoming a Composer is the desire/need to compose, This may sound redundant or even idiotic, but when you have listened to a piece a few hundred times and it still isn't right, you have to have that need to see it thru.

    The second requirement is to compose. Once you start composing, by definition, you are a "Composer."

    The neatest thing about it, is that the more you do it, the better you get. Just as a musician who practices, gets better each time, a composer gets better with each piece.

    The only caveat is that the more you do, the more you want. The better instruments, the better software, and then of course the better hardware.

    I think though, to become great at this, you need to be addicted to it as well. And as with all addictions, the price can be high. But it sure is fun when a piece comes together.

    Welcome again


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