Disregard, please...problem solved.



After installing Kontakt 3, I find that it does not show up in the VST Instruments listing in Sonar 7. It is listed in Sonar 7 in the "Legacy Wrapped VST Instruments" and is therefore unuseable as an insert in Sonar 7.

I have uninstalled and re-installed both Kontakt 3 and Sonar 7 and this does not solve the problem. I have done numerous scans with the Sonar 7 "Plug-In Manager" and I still have the problem. While scanning for VST instruments, I receive a "kconvert.dll not installed correctly" message.

I would certainly appreciate some help in solving this problem. I am presently unable to use Kontakt 3 as an insert in Sonar 7. Kontakt 3 will run as a stand-alone.

Thanks in advance.

Larry Alexander