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Topic: Returning to Old GPO studio?

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    Returning to Old GPO studio?

    Hi All.

    I know it has been discussed in here before, but I can't find it.

    After MUCH struggling I have resigned myself to the fact that, to me at least, NOTHING I do with Sibelius 5/Kontact 2 player sounds as good as the old GPO studio and Sibelius 4 did. Now with sib 5.1 and its manual sound sets, I can thankfully change MIDI channels again, so I was wondering...

    How do I downgrade to the old GPO library that is useable with Studio? And do you all agree that I should?


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    Re: Returning to Old GPO studio?

    Here is the procedure provided you have not uninstalled KP1.


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    Re: Returning to Old GPO studio?

    Well, I have found GPO Studio to be quite useful with Sibelius, as well as useful as a playback device with Scorch. So I don't see it as a bad move. If you like it, do it! Richard

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