Hello Everyone,
I'm using this opportunity to announce that I am starting a production music library. It will be an online source for producers of television, film, radio and other media to search, download and license music for use in their broadcast and other productions.

I'm looking for all types of instrumental music (no songs with lyrics at this time) between 30 seconds and 4 minutes or so. I will also have a use for short "stingers" around 5 to 10 seconds. You must own 100% of the copyright (no covers, or arrangements of public domain). And it must be "Broadcast Quality". (That doesn't mean you have to rent a "professional" sudio.)

The music that sells the best is up-tempo, beat based, lively and current.
(just watch a few seconds of any entertainment news magazine show, or reality program and you'll see what I mean.) But also Jazz, Country, Electronic, Ethnic, Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Solo, and Just about any other style, including orchestral as long as it is not long, dark, or very atonal. it must have a hook.

Your compensation will be a standard 50% of the license fees and 100% of the writer's share of any royalties.

So if you have some tracks lying around that you don't know what to do with, or if you have always wanted to hear your music on TV, send me a PM with a link to your music. If you don't have a link, let me know and i will give you my email address.

I'm only in the beginning stages of starting this company, and right now I'm simply trying to see who is interested and what I can expect to provide, so it might be quite a long time before you hear back from me, but i will try to respond to everyone as soon as possible.
Hope to hear from many great composers!