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Topic: Moving samples to new drive

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    Moving samples to new drive

    Simple question, I hope:

    I have GPO (stand-alone) with K2 update, running on a PC (XP SP2).

    I just upgraded my PC with a second hard-drive for samples.

    What steps should I take to move GPO's samples to my new drive?

    What potential problems should I be aware of? E.g, if I move the samples to the new drive, what will happen with existing projects using GPO?

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    Re: Moving samples to new drive

    Hello kuru and welcome to the board!

    In regards to your question, it's pretty painless. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Garritan\Personal Orchestra or some abstraction like that and you'll find a GPO Library Folder. Move it to your drive of choice and start Kontakt Player 2. Click on the Info tab for GPO and then point it to the new location!


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    Re: Moving samples to new drive

    Thanks, Reegs, I will give this a try. It does sound simple!

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