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Topic: EQLWSO has distortion or effects

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    EQLWSO has distortion or effects

    When I open any of the Kompakt players, I get either effects or distortion on all the sounds I call up. It worked fine when I first loaded it and wonder if I could reset things somehow. Also what could I have done to cause the problem.? I use a Motu828mk sound card and it works fine on other applications.


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    Re: EQLWSO has distortion or effects


    It could be one of many things, depending on the type of distortion. Clipping or stuttering would indicate that your audio buffer is too low. Adjust this through the File>Setup menu. Clipping or distortion in the literal sense would suggest that your volume level on output is too high. Perhaps you have turned on one of the effects sections? You can toggle these on/off by clicking their buttons (right above where you adjust their parameters).


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    Re: EQLWSO has distortion or effects

    did you choose the right sound card?


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