I just installed Chicken Systems Translator Free and ran it with Wine on my Gentoo Linux box and it worked!

The limitations in the free version of Translator are only related to reading/writing disks (like Akai) and not banks/programs already accessible via the regular file system. So conversion between Giga/SF2/EXS/HALion/WAV should work just like in the pro version.

This is perfect for us who run LinuxSampler that only read DLS/Giga2.5/Giga3 files.

Some minor points for running Translator under Wine in GNU/Linux:

* Under View -> Format Options, select the Giga page in the notebook and change Type to Create Giga 3.0 for Giga3.
* Uncheck Perform "Upgrade to Version 2.0" routine. I believe it was responsible for crashing Translator on my first conversion attempt.