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Topic: RMX-----S. A. G. E. Converter

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    Exclamation RMX-----S. A. G. E. Converter

    Can anyone help me please!
    I have been trying 2 convert a lot of .rex2 files that I have. All conversions went
    OK. They showed in the "converted Files" folder of Spectrasonics folder.
    When I open RMX in my sequencer, a lot of them don't show in my user library.
    In fact, some of my earlier installed files have gone. I have a feeling it's
    a limited space issue. Even though I read in Spectrasonics website that v1.5.1d has no such
    limits, file limitation is the closest thing that comes 2 mind. I would hate 2 loose
    so many hours of conversion work. Hope to solve this problem. In my user library
    I have some 3000 files. And they all are .rex2 files.


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    Re: RMX-----S. A. G. E. Converter

    In the pulldown menu, they're usually under "Converted REX Files" instead of User Sounds... double-check.

    Mr. Kerry Muzzey

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    Re: RMX-----S. A. G. E. Converter

    If they are just loose loops in one folder, they typcially go under the "converted rex files" folder, if they have sub-folders then they are typically in the pull down menu itself, as they require one more category window (the same pulldown where you find the 'converted rex files' category, or User Libraries).

    Never heard of them disappearing, but I suppose its a possibility, you should try contacting the spectrasonics or ilio support guys, they are usually very helpful.

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    Re: RMX-----S. A. G. E. Converter

    Thank you. I did try a few other things and it works fine now

    Thanks again!

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